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Gav's Latest Terrain Board

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so, in preparation for a new story-based scenario we're working on, i've been making a scrapyard-style board :)

i started with some scrap markers from Armorcast (Here and Here)


the skips i think are from Barrule (but can't seem to find 'em atm)

the 6 scrap piles and 3 skips i have were given a black undercoat and a dusting (like the "Zenith" technique) with some metallic spray :)


that gives enough for a solid A4 areas' wroth of scrap :)

gonna be giving 'em a soaking in Magic Wash (flesh wash 50/50 black ink ) with splashes of orange for a rusting effect :)

I also, from Barrules' windows and sci-fi doors along with Hirst Arts Bricks to make a small cabin


which will be the focus of the scenario.

i've yet to add a corrugated card (iron) roof to it yet :)

next up i'll be making enough fences to surround the lot out of corrugated card with a nice gate :)

this will also give room for Malifaux-Style posters on the fences outside :)

more pictures as they happen :D

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