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Metro West, MA Tournament August 14th


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Date: August, 14th

Time: 11 sign in, 12:30 pm start time

City, State: Westford, MA

Location/Store: 276 Turnpike Rd (Route 9 East) 508-366-2030


Tournament size (scrap or brawl, SS size): 30 SS Scrap

Sign up limit: 16

If there is a sign up required: it is suggested that you get there early to sign up as we will be starting on time

If there is a fee required to sign up: 10 dollars entry fee

we will have 3 rounds with points based on strategies and schemes

2 extra points for each win 1 point each if a tie


first 2 rounds will have two predetermined strategies. the player in each match who flips the highest card gets to pick which stratagy they would like. then the remaining player gets the other one. as a result you will not play the same strategy twice


two schemes each round. you will be asked to record all schemes and each scheme can only be used once during the tournament.

you will not be required to announce your schemes. unless it is required by the schemes description. ie: thwart is now required to be announced.

there will be no bonus points for painted miniatures (this time)

proxies are ok but they must look the part.

and you are expected to have easy reference to the model being used. ie: a book or card.

prizes are based on the amount of players

if I get 10 or more players I will also have a painting contest one model. I will be taking a picture of the winner and posting it on here for all to see and aspire too.

Prizes, will be based on attendance

if you have any questions please let me know

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