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Crew for tourney with wierd rules.


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So a couple weeks ago I picked up mailfaux and was told the first tourney at my store would be held at the end of July. It was going to be with 30ss crews but, you could bring up to 40ss in models and build your crew after rolling for strategy and seeing what master your opponent is playing. So, basically the way Malifaux is meant to be played with a reasonably restriction on the pool of figures.

I was planning on playing a pretty standard Ramos crew with just figures from his sub-faction and the outcasts associated with him with a pair of december cultists to swap in when needed.

Well, apparently this tourney is being played in bizzarro world and our crew is fixed but, we can bring a second master. This seems wierd as hell since so many master's synergize heavily with their subfaction minions. Anyway I don't like my options for an all comers 30ss Ramos list, so I'm considering Neverborn specifically a Nephalim heavy crew and switching between Lilith and Zoraida.

Is this worth trying or should I just make a dedicated force for one or the other? I've heard some lament about the difficulties of growing and maturing nephalim while others have said Zoraida's Obey )and another from her voodoo doll) is a big help. I know at least one person is just going to ignore the changing masters option and I doubt he's alone. This also seems like a big boost for Guild which probably has the best plug and play Masters. My wife was planning on playing Perdita and will probably end up buying and bringing Lady Justice to switch out with.

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I'm entering the same tourney, and I just decided not to bother even trying to run a list that I could swap masters with, especially seeing as I really want to play Pandora, and any list with her would do fairly badly with any other master. I think the best advice is just take whatever you're comfortable with, if that's Ramos, then take Ramos and forget about taking another master. If that's Lilith and the Nephilim, well, Zoraida fits that pretty well (and I know someone who's taking a Zoraida Nephilim list and is doing pretty well with it in our practice games).

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Ya it is odd. Like I said though the 30ss Ramos list I wanted to run really needed to be able to swap models.

I wanted to run Jonah, Alyce and Brass Arachnid with 2 aracnids. It should be a strong steam roller but with only 3 non-insignificant models (well at least four really since I'll get a free arachnid at some point) and two models that want to stick close to the master it would be really weak in some senarios. I needed to be able to swap stuff out for scenarios.

Like I said this seems like a sizable boost to anyone running guild and annoying for everyone else. I just thought that Zoraida could make a good ace in the hole for a Nephalim/Lilith crew.

Anyway Matt told me this shouldn't be a recurring thing.

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