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Ramos and Johan Tag Team


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Hello Wyrd Forumites! I have a league game coming up a week from Thursday and wanted an opinion on an idea for my team. The game is 35 SS ad I am running Ramos as my master. The list I was thinking of running is as follows:

Ramos (4 SS Cache)

Brass Arachnid (2)

Steamborg Executioner (10)

Joss (9)

Johan (6)

Steampunk Arachnid x2 (3 ea.)

Total: 33

The idea is to have the arachnids back to protect Ramos, with him summoning more to swarm later in the match. The main strategy I wanted opinions on is Joss and Johan going around in a pair to devestate the enemy. The idea here is that Johan still gets his Cb bonus from Joss as he is also a M&SU member, but he doesn't need to be tethered to Ramos.

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I would think about dropping the borg for an arachnid swarm + an extra SS.

I just think three beatstick units is too much. I am a pretty big arachnid fan though so temper my response with that knowledge. XD

On another note, I think the Joss/Johan mix is ill-fated. Joss will either be slowed down by having to tag along with Johan or Johan will likely be left behind if you choose the reactivate strategy with Joss.

Since the two are not an ignorable force, this gives your opponent a very large slow or divided target to attack.

If you wanted to keep the paired terror thing going, maybe swap Johan out for a convict gunslinger and pair the borg with Joss. This allows for some good card control if the convict supports the terror two, or it will result in the enemy sending in singles vs. the pair.

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Thanks for the input!

OT: I hadn't thought about Joss' reactivation, something which should not be ignored. I quickly glanced at their moves, excited that they were the same, and tried to make it work.

I love the little spiders, don't get me wrong, but I find that when I run too many of them, I tend to have a problem with Strategies such as Claim Jump and Recoinnoiter, where they don't count towards my VP's. I can certainly understand the whole 3 beatsticks thing, though. Too much of a good thing.

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If you already have the models... Well you can always try the strategy anyway.

In hindsight, the arachnid swarm can't be called anything other than a beatstick unit either. :P

I think my main thing (for what little a newer players word may be worth) is that the Steamborg never did as much as my Swarms did.

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Why don't you keep johan near Ramos to guard him and get his cb bonus and dedicate ramos's first Joss gets an extra token every time he activates so you could find a worse use for your first stoke.

Also if mid game you realize your short on models to claim objectives turn ramos and the brass arachnid into a steampunk arachnid factory and churn out 2 swarms in the 3 turns (assuming you have enough cards to cheat all the castings you fail).

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I've recently been running a list similar to yours.


Brass Arachnid



Spider swarm

2 spiders

and 5 SS cache.

Usually the first turn I get a scrap counter and try to summon another spider to form up another swarm.

As far as Joss being too fast for Johan, I really haven't used Joss' reactivate power b/c he takes 2 wds and I usually can't afford to do that.

I personally find them to be a great pair especially when accompanied by a swarm or two of spiders.

I'll give your list a try this weekend and see how it goes.

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I'm interested in this thread.

I too have decided to run a similar crew. Theme-wise however I'm thinking more MS&U list.

My thoughts on the list were to have Johan as a bodyguard to Ramos (as Hand of V stated). That way Johan can keep near Ramos for close support or range out if required. I see Johan in a Ramos list is a must have. Moderate to above average stats: Hammer, Pistol, Flurry... Not too bad for 6ss.

Not a big fan of the Johan model though.

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Thanks for the input, everybody!

I've actually had a chance to run this a few times and I've actually had it work really well! Even with Joss reactivating, Johan can usually get into the fray and get his Cb bonus. With said bonus, his combat becomes insane (8 melee, 7 ranged) for a 6SS model.

The only downside to this strategy is that Johan stands out as a rather squishy model. Not being a construct, Ramos can't heal him, so he does tend to go down rather quickly, but he makes sure he doesn't go down alone.

And, just to say it, I rather like Johan's model. To each their own, to be sure. :)

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