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little Hans feedback: all about the terrain


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I just wanted to share this experience using Hans:

. Observation number one: it seemed every time I'd play with him at home I'd struggle to make him do any good, but when playing at my local club somehow my dear Hans performed a whole lot better, when suddenly it struck me: the difference between obscuring and blocking terrain! Now of course to some (all?) of you it seems quite obvious, but for the slow brains like me, somehow it took a while to click: when I play at home I usually use a village type of set up, with about 5 medium houses plus another 4 tiny houses and hills and trees. When I play at the club we use usually 2 houses and several woods, and trees & obstacles. I suddenly realised my home set up was utterly bad for using Hans because it was full of blocking line of sight terrain, and the poor sniper ever hardly had a chance to see anything unless it was right under his nose. But when deployed on a map with loads of woods, he can shoot right through it while the ennemy struggles slowly towards him and he becomes ace (especially when supported by Obey casting models which can allow Hans to postition himself before firing or take a third shot).

. Observation number two: This brings up the concept of choosing your crew after you picked your table and missions; it's a chance that in Mallifaux we are allowed to pick our crew after we know all the variables of the game, so always have a few extra models to adapt your crew to the situation (no no this is not marketing; like you don't all have extra models anyways! ;) ).

So back to the Hans: look if there are lots of blocking los items on the table , and if so leave your Hans at the pub, but if you have lots of obscuring pieces instead, see the Hans take the ennemy down one by one like a good snipee he is!

Sorry again if this seems obvious and pointless to a lot of you, but hopefully maybe one gamer out there will find it useful!



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He ignores cover, intervening models, and forests when declaring his ranged targets.

Solid walls (blocking terrain) still stop him cold.

The big one here (in poulpox' example) is probably the limit to how much forest-type terrain you can target through, something Hans' Sniper ability lets him ignore. His targets would still get any benefits of concealment/cover, but he can still take his shots at them.

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