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The dirty long road to painting my GenCon crew - pic heavy


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So I'm registered for GenCon and I'm really excited.

Can't wait to get my hands on Book 2 and all the awesome new minis I know are about to be released. Man o' man, I'm excited!

I'm also registered for the 35 SS last scrap tourny. Problem is my crew isn't completely painted yet. =(

Heck, I'm still undecided on my final list and there's just 23 days until GenCon!!!

Which means I have to get my butt in gear.

And that's why I've created this post - as a way to motivate myself to do some work every day.

I'm hoping that once I start completing my mini's and posting pics of 'em, that'll keep me going.

Hopefully it will also encourage others who are in the same boat to step up too.

My plan is to post once every (other?) night and share my progress as it happens.

Here's the list of what I need to paint up in the next 3 weeks.

- Johan.

- About a dozen spiders to create swarms and in singles.

- Brass arachnid.

- My Borg Assassin (yes 'Assassin'!).

- Possibly Joss (not sure if I'll be fielding him yet).

- Electrical Creation.

- About a half dozen scrap counters.

- Plus all their unique custom bases.

I've already started on the Brass Arachnid and about a half dozen spiders. Plus the Borg is primed. So that's good.

Problem is I want to convert Johan up a bit and that will eat into precious time. We'll see if I can pull it off.

Anyway, here's a sneak peek at what my bases will look like for my crew.

I love the whole clockwork machine theme that is Ramos. So I've made a bunch of bases like these for my crew members.


Okay enough. Time to get to work - time's a tickin'!

Come back tomorrow night for pics of my converted Ramos (who is actually already painted up, just no pics of him yet).

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Thanks ShadowPal - how can you not love Doc Oc?

Check out Ran... I mean Doc 'Mos all painted up below. I think you'll approve.

Thaehl, you're too kind. Thank you very much.

And big thanks for the link Fizyx, I just bought a bunch of bases for my entire crew!

Much faster than making my own - I'm a bit OCD and obsess over placement for way too long. Figured that Iron Halo's bases were so cheap - like $3 for 5 bases - I just couldn't resist so everyone gets fancy-schmancy bases.

Other than the order of Deus Ex bases for my crew, I also ordered Joss, additional 30mm plastic bases and a couple of character stat cards (Electrical Creation and Convict Gunslinger) because I've got converted minis to represent them instead of the actual Wyrd model.

I also spent about an hour tinkering on my scratch-built Electrical Creation. Should be done tomorrow and ready for priming Thursday AM.

Tomorrow I'm also going to prep and assemble some spiders to get them ready for priming.

And finally as promised, here's pics of Ramos, or rather Doc 'Mos!

I should warn you that this was my very first attempt at OSL - as you'll see, I need a little bit more practice. ;)

To be honest, I'm not sure I really care much for OSL outside of dioramas. perhaps it'll grow on me.

I'm also dissatisfied with the brown leather bag. Anyone got a recipe for getting leather done right? Would very much appreciate any tips you can share.

Anyway, enough of my griping, to be honest other than the couple of things mentioned above, I really like how Doc 'Mos came out.

Here's pics of him starting with the unprimed, converted model and then finished.

Hope you like him.





And painted up.



And another front/side view:




C&C, tips and suggestions always welcomed.

P.S. 22 Days til GenCon!

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Thanks McMurdo, you're absolutely right.

I've found that holding myself accountable to actually update my progress on the forum nightly, while probably boring to most; has been extremely effective in keeping my motivation and excitement going.

Unfortunately it's slow going as I'm severely limited on time available each night.

Tonight I barely managed to finish scratchbuilding my electrical creation in time (pics below).

Just need to bend the arms and tape the bulb before priming.

Front View:


*Sorry for supersize pic, photobucket and my AVG are at war tonight for whatever dumb reason.

Unfortunately no update (or work on crew) planned for tomorrow as it's game night at my place.

Perhaps I'll do a quickie BR if I have the time.

C&C, tips and suggestions always welcomed.

P.S. 21 days 'til GC!

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Uh oh, by my count I've got 15 days as of tonight until it's time to leave for GC and I don't have my Deus Ex bases or Joss in my hands...

Plus I have to help my girlfriend buy a new car tomorrow night -- argh, I really hate all the BS it takes to get a new car. However I've armed myself with tons of facts and scam alerts so that she won't be taken advantage of.

They love cute shy girls like my GF.

Crew progress-wise, I have managed to get 7 bases ready to be turned into scrap counters.

I've also cleaned up, glued and magnetized a few more spiders for the cause.

And I'm brainstorming ideas for a suitable treasure token that could be used by any faction in my games.

Left to paint:


Brass Arachnid




Electrical Creation

7 scrap counters

1 treasure token

And nearly 2 dozen bases

Update over, time to work on my brass arachnid and paint her up before calling it a night.

P.S. Thanks a lot Nathan, since you've posted pics of what's going to be released, I've barely gotten any sleep because of the excitement!

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