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Thinking about starting the Outcasts


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Hi everybody,

I am thinking about starting the outcasts as a faction. But I have two questions.

1. Is it possible to start the outcasts as there own faction?

2. Are they a pain to play?

Thank You

If you're looking to collect for a faction and not a specific master, this might not be the faction for you.

All of the models are not interchangeable.

For example, with resurrectionists, all the masters are necromancers and most all the minions are zombies. If you collect a list for Nicodem you could easily pick up McMorning and a few other specialized models and swap models between crews.

Outcasts can't really do that. If you collect, say, Victoria and her mercenaries none of the models will be useful to Sommer unless you're playing a brawl.

However, I must say I do own both Sommer and Victoria and all of their accompanying crew members and they are both a blast to play (although the gremlins are a bit of a challenge) so I wouldn't want to discourage you from them.

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Well, outcasts are a tricky lot to summarize, because as a faction they're kind of "miscellaneous." If you really like them as a faction, you should go for Viktoria, because you'll be using all the mercenaries. Leveticus actually can use any construct or undead from any faction, as well as his outcast abominations and alyce. Sommer can only use gremlins.

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I suggest that you find a henchman in your area and see if they have any of the outcasts that you can test drive for a few games. The viks are the most strait forward but their options are somewhat limited. Levi and sommer are the other two but they are both very hard to play and have very specific models. I think that if your looking for some options i would go with another faction, and buy a few mercs and add them to your force. Then if you like how they are playing you can pick up the viks and go to town with an outcast only force. ( i say viks because they are the only ones who can hire the mercenaries that can go with other factions.)

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Anitzombie has a good idea. See if you can find someone to let you try a couple of games with various Outcast crews. (Don't go with just one game. That's not enough to determine if a given crew is good/fun for you.)

If you do decide to go with Outcasts, remember that Gremlins are difficult to play (but a lot of fun, especially if you're willing to get silly with them). Leveticus requires a fair amount of record keeping and combination setup. The Victorias are the most straightforward (as already mentioned), but do have that merc only limitation. That said, mercs can be used with most other factions, as well, so that might be a good option to start with, if you go with Outcasts. (It'd give you some switch-out ability with other crews.)

If you do go with Outcasts first, I'd recommend the Vics, Taelor, Bishop, Hans, and some Ronin, to start. Bishop's not well liked by some, but I've found him to be versatile (if finesse-oriented) and tough (10 wounds). Taelor hits like a tank. Hans is a specialist sniper. A lot of folks grumble about him, too, but if used right, he can be a real pain to an opponent. The Ronin are good on their own, and necessary for the Vics to bring each other back into play.

Also as already mentioned, a lot of the other factions have more interchangeability with their models. (Within those factions, anyway.)

It's up to you, of course, but that 'test drive' idea is a really good one before you buy your models.

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