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An Addict hiding out in IN


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In the last couple months my interest for painting minis has turned into a full blown gaming addiction. My room, once only messy in the sense of dirty socks and a playstation controller, is now full of styrofoam shavings, more paint than i know what to do with, popsicle sticks, wire, super glue, and two 3x3 terrain table tops... all be cause of what?

that's right


My brother, Danyru, and I are just about always down for a game... I haven't made it through all 33 pages of introductions, but if anyone is in the east side of indianapolis/greenfield area, hit one of us up. Crazy work schedules aside, we are up for it.

I have enough box sets and extras for a few newbies, and I've found i enjoy teaching people the game, so bring a friend. Maybe we can pass along the bug. ;)

until we meet again....


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Great to hear it's grown into obsession, that's what we like to hear. Wait until you see some of the book 2 minis :D

And of course glad to have you in the forums, there is always room for more! You going to be at Gencon? We'll have a lot of fun stuff there :D

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