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Viktoria Box Finally Done


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aJYD5BaFpJq5Qzij5OQCU799aNCRYSGkml7v6dUcfRQ?feat=directlinkSo after a fairly long break from gaming and painting, I picked up the Malifaux rules and a Viktoria box about two months ago. After adding the convict gunslinger and the student of conflict, I'm done a full month early for Gen Con:rockon: This has been a huge issue for me in the past, as I'd get into a new game and then lose interest because I paint so slow, so I'm quite happy I banged this out. So, here they are, it's probably not the most optimized list for the 35ss Last Scrap at Gen Con, but I like the models. Pretty much stuck to the stock color schemes. Comments and criticism welcome.







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