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I would say Nino, esaly the best ranged model the guild has to offer (Well the best in the game IMHO), long range with head shoot and triger happy, need I say more?

Also the Exacutener for a great melee bost that can prevent models from returning like Levy. Pluss he has Love his job letting him heal after any kill even if you do it through Slow to die. Also he has alot of other good skills.

I would also look at the govenors Proxy, has a good CA and can cast most of Lady js spells (Since he has the same casting stats as her) and costs only 2 SS. Combat Prowess is a great one to cast, and think of it on the Exacutener soo good. Pluss he has a few other tricks.

But thoses are the first three i would look into.

Hope this helps,

Andrew Haught

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Play a few games with the starter box first up. You'll find Lady J has a good balanced crew.

After a few games you can upgrade with the Executioner and a totem (both cheap models). Guild Guard or an Austringer could also be good options.

Because the Lady J box is well balanced in itself it's pretty easy to add one or two things to bring it up to 30/35SS level.

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