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Malifaux Tournament October 31st leeds UK


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Been talking about this alot at the club and now i have to go ahead for it.

Trick or treat

Malifaux Halloween event.

Leeds night owls event on Sunday October 31st


Ticket cost

£7.50 ( this covers club fees for the days games)

What players need to bring

• 1 30ss crew fully painted.

• 3 30mm trick or treat Halloween Themed markers

• A couple mindless zombies. These can be proxies.

Prise support provided by Geek games and wyrd.

Prises will be given for


1st place

2nd place

3rd place

Best painted force.

sweets for each ***** body part found.

Time table.

10 am registration starts.

10.30-12 first game

12.30-2 second game

Lunch and painting comp judging

3-4.30 third game

5.00pm prizes.

Time is an issue so please be prompt to each

game if you are late the game may be forfeit

Special Rules for the event


You flip for your strategy if you do not like the strategy that has been flipped you may spend one soul stone from your crews cash (master’s cash + any extra soul stones.) to re flip the strategy,this can only be done once per crew per game .


only 1 scheme is picked by each player. Each Scheme may only be picked once in this event so over the 3 games you must use 3 different schemes.

There is one pre determined special terrain peace on each table. Terrain Is set please do not move it.

There is an event wide scheme called bingo that all players use as a second scheme.

Called: Trick or Treat.

Trick or treat.

Bingo the ***** has been found guilty of mass murder and necromancy and has been executed. Its rumoured that bingo knows of a great stash of Soul stones.

But his body of this ***** has gone missing Crews all across malifaux are trying to tack down the killer *****’s corpse in the hopes that it may be able to

lead them to a soul stone stash.

During the set up of the game after strategies and schemes have been picked by both players 6 objective markers are placed not with in 6” of each other or “8 deployment zones.

When a unit contacts an objective marker you can use a (1) action To search the bag. Once a bag has been searched once remove it from the table. When you search a bag you can make an un-cheatable flip if the card is odd it’s a tick and if the card is even it’s a Treat.

If its a Treat claim a sweetie bag and one body part.

If it’s a Trick replace the counter with a mindless zombie. The player that gets the most ***** body parts in the game will get 2 VP. If a model carrying a body part is killed it does not drop the body part, and its still held by the crew.

The first player that manages to collect enough body parts to make up the whole ***** needs to stand up and shout bingo. To win the Bingo prize.

Bingo is made up of 7 body parts.

If you are wanting a ticket I am willing to take Cash for it at the club.

If you are not a regular at the club i am willing to take cash on the day. Please PM me though the leeds night owls site or email me @ sup3r-m0nk3y@hotmail.co.uk

there are 14 places open. I will post up as the places are taken. on the night owls website


Thanks alot sign up early and lets make this a great event.

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i wanna go but 4+1/2 hours is a bit far :(

plus i can't put together a 30SS list i like :lol:

well get some one else to drive and in 4.5 hours you should beable to paint up the needed minis :hmmmm:

Would be great to get more non club members down to play for the day. Im still working out exactly the prizes but they are sounding good.

the link above may not be working please use this one.

http://www.leeds-nightowls.co.uk to have a look at the night owls site.

or this one for the relevent post.


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Looks like my son can make it, and I've raised it on our club forum so should be some more players (we had 3 games on the go this week!).

Great let me know how many tickets you are wanting and names for the tickets. and i will save them for you.

Just to keep every one in hte loop 3 tickets are taken sofar.

The more we get the better the event will be.

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This sounds doable for me. Just checked on flights from Belfast and there's a cheap one on Saturday and a free ticket back on Sunday 31 at 8pm.

Just need a decent B&B/Hotel near the venue and if possible someone kind enough to go out drinking with a Northern Irish guy in Leeds... any takers?


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The club is in the center of student houseing so you wont have to go far for drinks or a B+B. I will stick a post up on the night owls forum. asking if any one is up for drinks. I would but i live a little way our and will be needing a clear ish head to drive and keep track of the scores :lame:

as always send me an email and i will save you a ticket.

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Sounds interesting, I'm going to see if a gang from our London club can gather up :)

EDIT: Right, I emailed you for 4 of us joining the party, yeehaa! We'll probably be coming on the Saturday evening and stay at B&B also, so probably maybe have a couple o drinks the nights before ;)


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  • 5 weeks later...

Bit of a bump TBH there has been some more updates on the Night owls siteso go across and have a look, Im currently talking to people at the club to see if i can get more tables in may open up another 4 spots Im also getting offers of a guest that will be along to give green stuff help and painting, even more stunning offers of terrain to use and we may have 3 stunning talbes built for the day, We are also nailing down the prizes for hte day and they are sounding great. Once i have more details i will confirm them.

Lots to do and im giddy about it.

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