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Some finished Malifaux Terrain

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Hey folks. Here's some terrain I finally finished up.


Some Ice Pillars for Rasputina.


A Hangin' Tree!


A little closeup of my hanged guy. Say hello hanged guy!


My Creepy Structure. I know it's a little spare but I'm waiting for some inspiration. I don't want to clutter it up for it's own sake.


And my Mysterious Effigies. I knew those plastic DnD Minis would come in handy eventually.

Thanks for reading folks. CnC is always welcome.

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I dig the Hangin' tree and the ice pillars a lot. Did you use quartz crystals for the pillars? cause that's what it looks like. The Effigies are cool as well. My brother designed some sweet effigies as well that look just like the large stones on your creepy structure. Very cool.

kudos, you're stuff looks great!

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They all look great, but I believe the crystals and the effigies are by far your best work. Quick question: are those effigies painted with a silver or light grey? It appears you used one of those colors and then washed over and over to get a weathered look. I am going to steal your idea. ;)

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