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Wyrd Painting Contest at Coliseum of Comics Kissimmee, Fl

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It's time for a no hold's barred, extremely extreme, all out.....PAINTING COMPETITION!!!!

</end metal guitar riff>

So with all these tournaments and what not we are known for, we seem to have forgotten half of our hobbyist, the painters! So if you fancy yourself a noobslayer when you hold a brush (or if you just enjoy hanging out and painting) check out our Wyrd Miniatures in-store painting competition on Saturday, July 24th 2010.

Event Details:


Coliseum of Comics Kissimmee

3159 W. Vine St

Kissimmee, fl 34741

The painting competition will be judging either two height one miniatures (smaller than human) or one height 2 or taller (human sized or bigger).

Registration: 1:30pm

Time: 2:00pm-5:00pm

(Open, build, paint and base)

Items to bring: Though some painting supplies will be available you should bring your usual array of tools, paints and brushes.

Entry Fee: Purchase a single blister from the Malifaux Game line.

Even if you are not playing Malifaux most of the models are around only $9 , and stunning!

And of course it being a competition there must be a prize:

1st place - walks away with a complete faction box set (Up to a $37 value!)

2nd Place -TBA

3rd Place-TBA

All Skill levels welcome for this fun hobby event!

Pre-register to get an extra stamp on your stamp card and reserve your model of choice!

email teds@coliseumofcomics.com to pre-register.

Almost the entire line of Malifaux miniatures are available from Coliseum of Comics Kissimmee.

Come down earlier in the day for our Malifaux terrain building workshop, starting at 10am!

More info here:



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