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Pandora Versus Viktorias


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I had a really interesting 2nd turn with my Pandora versus my friend's Viktorias and we both had treasure hunt. I can sum it up real quick so I thought I'd share it.

Turn 1: Viktoria does her usual ninja flips across the table to grab the treasure token on the first turn.

Turn 2: Pandora does her own ninja flippies across the table to kill Vik #1 who had grabbed the treasure token. Burns 6 soulstones and my entire hand to do it. Pandora is then killed by Vik #2 who burns all of her soulstones in the process. Baby Kade then kills the soulstoneless Vik #2.

All masters have now been brutally murdered on the second turn =)

Rest of the game: With all the masters dead on turn two, it becomes a savage slugfest on top of the two tokens with just Baby Kade left on the table at the end.

Baby Kade = The best model ever.

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