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My Gremlin Crew

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cool straight in with painted pics .. welcome aboard..

not a fan of the writing on the sides of the bases although nothing wrong withnaming your guys .. maybe if it was a little neater it would help or maybe I'm just a grumpy old git who doesn't like graffiti ...liking the overall feel look forward to seeing what comes next.

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With all the gremlins and pigs i have on the board that have identical poses, I find it is easiest to name them for in-game reference. I understand it's not to everyone's taste, and that's just fine, but it helps me keep track of wounds and who has activated (as well as who hasn't.

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Crispy Criid-ers?

(Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Criid's a walking flamethrower, alright.

You could send your Piglets in spaced out, though. It'd take some planning and such, but it might work. (I'll have to try it some time.)

One nice thing about Piglets, though, is that they can temporarily lose Insignificant. (Gotta love Root Around.) Here's a fun thought, if you're good at modeling tiny bits--Collars with name tags (or names on the collars themselves) for the pigs (or other critters).

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