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Breaking the Malifaux rules?????


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SO! Today I played a game of good old Malifaux with some friends. I played Zoraida my one of my friends played Pandora with Jack daw and 2 hanged (it was a 30 soulstone game) while another played the Raspuitina box set with an acolyte. At some point during the game I had an epiphany. If I cast Hex (from Zoraida) on Jack Daw and remove the ability "undying" from his card WHAT HAPPENS? To me it sounds like he would just die having no wounds written on his card. However my friend made the case that since he wasn't reduced to 0 wounds he does not fulfill the rulebook definition of dying making him invulnerable since * - however many wounds does not equal 0. Does this mean I can take jack in a zoraida list and make him invulnerable??? I've broken the Malifaux rules!

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