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Just starting Malifaux (seamus)

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Hello all,

I am new around here, I am just getting into the game & decided to start with the Redchapel Gang. I figured that I would post my first completed Malifaux mini Seamus. I pretty much copied his artwork for the colors, I'm pretty happy with how he turned out.


I am working on the copycat killer now. I am not happy with how the faced turned out at all I may redo it. Originally I was going to paint his hair like Seamus, but now I'm thinking the model is too dark so I may go with blonde hair to lighten it up, Any opinions?


I will probably move on to Sybelle next. I didn't like her as a baldie so I sculpted some hair on her (& reposed her left arm). I think it makes her look more like a madam. I may still add a skirt to her as well.


Thanks for looking.

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Seamus looks amazing, I can see what you mean about the copycat killer, it has come out dark

how about changing the colour of the top hat, or base it on a really light base to give some contrast

and I love the idea of adding hair to Sybelle, looks so much better

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Thanks for the comments guys.

wow that looks awesome how did you make the wood grain effect

I just used the Grey Browns Triad of paint from reaper master series. I started with the shade color then painted lines with the base, then the highlight, then I added P3 Hammerfall Khaki to the highlight color (Driftwood Brown) to bring the highlights up a little further.

Thanks for the suggestions for the Copycat Killer, I'm still tweaking the paint job. I did further the highlights on the coat a bit. As for the base it will probably be a more neutral color. I am going to be using the victorian inserts, I'm just waiting for the ones I ordered to arrive.

Well I finished Sybelle. My camera hates me & washed out most of the highlights. The front shot has truer to life color than the back.


Now I'm onto the belles. Thanks for looking.

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Thanks for all the compliments.

It's amazing what just adding hair to Sybelle does to her. Hope you don't mind if I steal the idea.

Steal away :)

I finished one of the belles. Not 100% happy with the fan, I may repaint it. I have the skin done on the other two, just the dresses to go. I hope to have them done tomorrow.


& As you can see my base inserts arrived. This was my first time working with a premade base, I had always made my own. I quite like the inserts, they are very nice & the victorian lamppost is the coolest accessory every, its just perfect.


As always C&C welcome and appreciated.

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outdtanding color sense. Rarely do i see a muted and dark color scheme and technique that i like but this one is excelent. It just oozes Victorian streets

Thanks you, but honestly it's just trial & error. I painted the flesh three times & dress 4 times before I settled on that scheme for the belle (a google image search for victorian dresses helped with the latter.)

It all look very nice but, I think the blue/purple tinge of the rotten belle's skin is too close to her dress which I love. I think a fresher flesh would look better.

Very nice overall look though.

I tried a healthier looking skin color, but I didn't like it. The skin color I settled on is causing me problems. There are so many shades in the skin it just takes on the color of whats near it. I am having a problem painting on of the other belles in a green dress because the skin looks too green next to it. I had to set it aside & rethink before I finish painting it.

I painted Bette Noir in the meantime. Went for a more monochrome look than with the belles. I may redo the knives, I'm not happy with them.


I also realized that I need to pay closer attention to a model before I paint it. I was partway through painting what I thought was her hair before I realized it was a hood. If I had realized that it was a hood from the start I would have went with a different scheme, like an evil red riding hood.


Oh well I may get a second just to paint up that way. :bigthumb:

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Another great model, you have the muted macabre scheme down. Care to share your colors? Would love to try and emulate it.


The hood & lower dress are black highlighted by adding P3 Trollblood base for the first 2 highlights then P3 Frostbite for the final highlights.

The rest of the dress is based with black/P3 Umbral Umber (about 2:1). I highlighted it by adding P3 Bootstrap Leather to the base coat, then P3 Hammerfall Khaki for the final highlight.

The skin is a variation of what I've been using for the belles. I start with reaper master series Terran Khaki, shade by adding foundations hormagaunt purple & highlight by adding P3 Frostbite.

Hope that helps.

Here is another rotten belle:


Just one more belle to go.

I also bought the Hollow Waifs. I was originally going to convert them into more Rotten Belles, but now I'm thinking of giving them swords & converting them into Punk Zombies.

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Finished the last rotten belle, so the crew is done for now. I like skirmish games, so much easier to get your army fully painted :) Overall I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. I think I'm going to look into base inserts for future projects, I like the weight they add to the base.


After seeing those new releases coming out I think I'm going to have to get Kirai to give Seamus some company for Brawls.

Now onto playing some games & getting to work on the gremlin crew I have sitting in the box.

As always thanks for looking.

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