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Hags voodoo dolls!


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Probably not gonna happen, selling model bits is a pretty big step for a company and I'm pretty sure wyrd ain't there yet (privateer •••••, that other company only recently got it off the ground) But sculpting voodoos isn't all that difficult. I know a coupla guys on the forums have sculpted some really good ones you could pm them or see if they take commisions. If you pm me I can see what I can do too, they don't look too difficult to make. You could also post for a how to or somethin like that.

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Reaper has a couple of good models to throw in there that will do you well. Look for the evil toy blister or the "Familiers" one.

There is a little Kewpie doll with a straight razor in there, somewhere, as well as the little baby Cthuhlu that would be a great addition to the hags mix of fun little guys.

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