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All the new ladies...


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Profiting from a little respite in the rainy season and a trace of sunlight, I've made some photos of the most recent additions to my Lilith's Brood (group picture here) and wife's Nicodem's lot (group picture here). I'm still working on Vultures, Crooked Men and Waldgeist, so for now the ladies:

1. Lilith's friends in this set include Doppelganger and Cherub:





2. Nicodem's women:





3. The group picture:


As always, better resolution shots are in my online gallery here.

First those are unique models, but they were painted to fit the crews I've started back in April. In case of Cherub it's mostly matter of skin colour, the remaining models have the scheme chosen so that it both fits their respective crew and still conveys the unique character of the mini.

I also took to my heart some advice I received previously - mainly that it would do the minis well to have better contrast. I tried to make the shades and highlights more pronounced on all of the figures, though it must be said that my murderous digital camera has killed all the pinks and reds anyway. :D

As always, looking for further advice on how to improve the painting. :) Thanks in advance.

P.S. I must say I absolutely love the Bête Noire. Not only is she a true beast which always spoils my most daring plans, providing some challenge to the game, but I find the sculpt really appealing, making it one of the most beautiful minis to paint I've ever had (heh, I think I got my meaning right on the 3rd edit. :D).

One can almost fall in love with that smile of hers, which is very proper I think.

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Thanks guys! I must say I'm the most satisfied with Bête Noire as well. She seems to be a relatively simple mini at first, but the pose is really great and it makes painting her pure pleasure as well. I think it's easy to get great looking results with such a good miniature.

I was tempted to paint her ghost-like, monochromatic green or gray, but finally I decided she'll do even better with makeup and some real clothes. :D

Surprisingly enough Doppelgänger was the hardest to chose the scheme for. I wanted her to fit my Lilith team, but because she's in the midst of changing into a human being, it was hard to stay with the non-human reddish dark skin I've chosen for my Nephilim and there's not much more going on for her.

If I was a better painter, I'd probably go with an effect where skin is changing colour from the one I've chosen for Nephilim to something more human, but I wasn't sure how to do that.

In the end only her cloth is inline with the rest of the crew. Her hair and skin are painted so that she may seem to be changing into Taelor - they'll face each other often enough, so I thought it may be somewhat funny.

I also left her eyes pupil-less. She looks really sinister with white eyes, but my camera doesn't catch that detail very well.

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Taelor is a beauty, and I love what you did with Betty. I found her skin a challenge. I love the face on her, but my only piece of advice is that I think the fringe on the dress she's got might be more visible with a black or violet, as the white tends to disappear against her light skin. It's a nice little detail, and it might be more visible and match the rest of the dress better in a darker color. Other than that, love her facial expression, and I like how you didn't go over the top with gore.

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