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Wyrd Demo Table for Gencon 2009 and Origins 2010


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There are 4 rare earth magnets in the corners of the roof as well as the four support posts in the house.

Also, there is a light in the center of the house (From the fluff) that lights up. (I used the magnets to sandwich two wires to complete the circuit.)

Finally, there is a fire in the corner of the house that has LEDs and some grainlights working together to make the fire effect.

I believe I have pictures somewhere of all that. I'll try to post it later.

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Your swamp board was the one that got me interested in the game from the You-Tube film.

Thats an awsome job.

Is that resin? will resin mealt the styro board that you used to put the swamp together with?

How do you game in the house with the chicken legs? Is there some other reinforcement to the frame?

Considering that my game board is a bunch of scrap right now, I really enjoy looking at ideas that I can ...borrow.

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