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Hey, I just made it through the gate.

Grot 6

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Picked up Pandora's crew and a couple of teaddy Bears and a voodoo doll.

Now I'm working on my second undead crew.

A couple of questions-

1. What are the stats for the modern weapons sets, and how do they relate to the game?

2. Why do the guys not look like the pictures of the cartoons that are on the box?

3. Where is the map located? How about putting the map up on the site?

Like the game, it has a lot of potential, and the scenery hunt is going well.

So far I have a desert scene and a couple of the mean streets of some one horse town. I'm working on the buildings, and aside from some lame paper buildings, who has the right scale 32 MM western town buildings, and how much would a couple of them cost?

Working on some sort of Tim Burton stuff, but the stuff is really going slow, so I need a couple of add ons, so a couple of resin buildings are not out of the question, now.

Who has some good stuff that is worth the time and money?

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Welcome, welcome, welcome!

First of all, have you opened your Teddy yet? They are Rare 1, meaning you can only have one in a crew. I'd see if the retailer would let me trade in for store credit. I know my store would let you do that if you explained the situation. If you bought it online, you might want to get a friend into Neverborn and then sell/trade it. Voodoo Doll is a Totem for Zoraida, so you might consider her for a second crew. You'd still be able to use your other Neverborn models in a Zoraida crew.

As for your questions:

1. No Malifaux stats for modern weapon sets. These and the Twisted models from the online store are not for use with Malifaux.

2. Not sure what you mean about the boxes looking different than the models. Wyrd does a better job than most companies at having concept art match the model.

3. There is a sketch of a map in the back of the rulebook. Which should definitely be your next purchase if you don't have one yet.

As for terrain, there are several great threads in this forum that will point you in the right direction.

Be careful though, this game is more addictive than most other minis games I've played. I picked this game up because it had a $60 buy-in for all I ever needed to play. Months later I've bought every Guild model, Som'er, Ramos, Rasputina, Seamus, and Viktoria boxes, plus Hamelin and Convict Gunslinger.

Good luck, and have fun!

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Yeah, If I can only use one, I guess I won't be needing him.

I guess I have extra voodoo doll and the teddy, what have you got for trade?

My next crew I bought was the resurrectionist Doc and his posse of undead samuri, and a blister of hired ronin.

I still don't understand about those modern weapon sets, but seeing as I've got two crews to get up and coming to worry about, They can get some new hardware later.

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|If I remember correct from showing the game recently and thus having to flip through the book a good bit... You can use TWO teddys in a Brawl... just not a scrap. So having two might work out for ya depending on the size of the fight you're picking.

Hellojohn is correct. If you are playing a Brawl sized game then 2 is acceptible. Haven't had much Brawl play so I forget that. As far as trade, I have a Mortimer the graverobber that would fit nicely in your Ressurectionist crew. I also have a Nicodem. But, that would be a second master that you would only use in a Brawl sized game. I'd be willing to do either one for the voodoo doll.

I would assume the teddy will remain in your crew for Brawl sized games. But, if you decide to let him go, let me know and I'll find some more stuff to trade for him. I have a single rotten belle and a single zombie samurai punk I could throw in with one of the two above (they were thrown into another trade. Not sure why the person had two single minis floating around)

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I picked up my next batch of stuff today.

I got myself an 81.00 order from my local game shop, so I'm looking to get old goblinette.

As for the trade, I'll hold off for right now, based on my getting ready for a business trip that I'm heading out on. I won't be back for some time, so I'll be taking my stuff with me.

The game is top notch with what I have seen so far.

I'm not sure how the two teaddy bears would work out, we'll worry about that later.

Right now, I'm finishing of my Pandora team, and getting the finishing touches on Teddy bear #1.

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