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ok so today I went by the game store The Whiz in Westborough www.whiznet.com to check it out and see if it was a suitable place to meet some gamers of Malifaux. I will be back again on Wednesday next week july 7th. I am looking to meet any players that are interested in the area. I am looking for new players and seasoned gamers so come and bring your friends. I have talked to the store and they would enjoy getting some people in and increasing the interest so that we can run a tournament in the future. this is a very large gaming area and them can put upwards of 11 tables of players so please let me know what you think.

keep in mind this store just started to rekindle a group of gamers who have played in the past and so with a little effort there could be a large group of people to play in this area please help support the game and come visit. the more that come the better the chance you can get more games in.

please look at their website it shows how to get to the store and also what day and time they are expecting players.

if anyone is interested please reply on this post so I have an idea of players from the forum that are interested so I can keep the store informed to make sure enough tables are set up

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quick reminder to make sure this gets looked at

hello everyone my name is Brett. this Wed the 7th I will be at The Whiz to play Malifaux with a few players I met there last week. I have been told there are several other players that have armies in the area. I would like to invite everyone down between 5-9pm to check this game out. it does not matter if you are a new gamer or a hardened vet. I would like to meet you. I am more then happy to spend the first hour or two demoing to any new players how the game works the basic mechanics and such. but I would really like to get in a game.

so please to those who have played before come on down and see the renewed interest that has developed at The Whiz. and for those who have not played before you are always welcome to come and learn the game and play short demos.

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