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Good way to start a Cult fo December crew?


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Looking to take the plunge into Malifaux very soon and looking to start with the Cult of December. Now I don't have a rulebook yet so I am just going by what I hear and what I think looks cool so...


3x Ice Gamins

1x Ice Golem

2x Acolytes

1x Cerberus

1x Wendigo

I figure that this would give me plenty of options in smaller games and enough to do a bigger one. I noticed a lot of people use Essence of Power as a totem more but I don't care for the model so I went with the Wendigo for the time being. Also was thinking of swapping out the Cerberus for some stuff from the Outcasts, but I want to avoid using the Convict Gunner since it seems thats everyone answer it seems....

Any thoughts?

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Now, I don't play Arcanists so please bear this in mind.

You may wish to consider swapping out 1 Acolyte for something else, Hoarcats if you like them at all wouldn't be bad. I love the Acolyte model, just haven't ever even seen someone talking about fielding two of them.

As for the outcasts, I too do not have a convict gunslinger, far too easy an answer. If you want to stick with a spell-casting playstyle then Hamelin is your man.

Hope you do indeed take the plunge. It is great fun, and makes a refreshing change from throwing buckets of dice...

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Your planned list looks solid for a December themed crew (well, it has all December themed models in it so has to be). You should get some nice games off with those models.

The Essence indeed is the best Totem for Tina who is based on her direct damage spells. I don't like the official model either so I picked up a Hell Dorado Lemure from my collection to stand in. Painted in blue colours it has a nice "ice spirit" look to it.

Hoarcats sacrifice some durability (although they can heal themselves) for greatly increased damage output.Some nice models to include are Beasts: Moles are super durable for their cost but not very good in offense or speed departments. You can even bounce blasts off your own Moles (with high Armor they don't care). The Cerberus adds a lot of speed which is Tina's main weakness. However, don't send it in alone, it won't last long on its own.

Some people also like Joss as a Beatstick. Tina can buff his defenses with December's Touch so he can go all offensive.

I don't think the crew really needs any Mercenary support, as Arcanists are very versatile on their own already. Of course Convict and Ronin are no brainers but they're so overused I would avoid them. The Convict Gunslinger is indeed a stupid model as its such an auto include in any crew.


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The acolyte is one of the best models to use when speed is nedpeded as rasputina is superslow. That being said, the golem is great with his firepower and strength,but for a bit more mobile crew, don't count out the steamborg, using december's Touch, he can throw quite a nasty punch. As for the essence, there are plenty who say he's the one to take, i have to disagree, the essence relies on you having to attAch him to tina and go wandering around, sure the buff for direct damage is helpful, but really not needed, the wendigo is much more mobile, and he can get out there, put on a little hurt and also make for a great use to cast ice pillars, since it's a low casting cost spell.

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Well maybe I'll drop the Wendigo and do some playtesting to determine which totem I like the best. Not really worried about having the "best" crew out there, I play Necrons in 40k so I don't mind. Rather only pick up one totem than a couple and only ever use one. Through removing the Wendigo would open room up for something else to get.

Hoarcats I am borderline on, not that crazy over the models but mauling someone to death with kittens may be too funny to pass up. The "crazy cat lady" build I seen here and there is something I rather avoid at this time.

I picked up two Acolytes since I figured their deployment rules would really mess up people seeing a team of them pop up something dangerous. Not sure how well that would run but I really like the models so trying to fit them in, plus I would only run both of them in bigger scraps.

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Acolytes are great, I would not think twice about fielding two of them and if you run into doing the reconnoiter then there extra great. Don’t forget the Razirspine Rattler, with his charge of 12 inches he scares most models into hiding, this added to his chance of using poison 2. Myranda is another model I would look at since she can turn into none unique beast, that way you can field her and have her change into the rattler or the sabertooth or what ever you may need at the time, like another hellcat pride to help eat someone. I would look at her next for her flexibility she adds to your list.

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Also was thinking of swapping out the Cerberus for some stuff from the Outcasts, but I want to avoid using the Convict Gunner since it seems thats everyone answer it seems....

Whatever you do, do not remove the Cerberus, it's a key tool. You need it bouncing around like tigger; completing objectives, threatening to roar, and controlling space.

Like the rest of the world I run the gunslinger. If you leave him out you'll need something in there (other than Tina) to output heavy damage. There are going to be games where you can't risk exposing Tina, or come up against Criid, and will need an alternative damage source in order to win.

Hope that helps.

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Ice Gamin are ridiculously good, use them. Their defensive trigger is great against anything melee they have good shooting, good melee, armor, the explode when they die. Plus they're height 1 so Rasputina can shoot right over them without any trouble and they can stop anything getting into melee with her. The Ice Golem is also good as well but also has slow and aoe. The only no-brainer with her is the Essence of Power for sure though.

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