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Greetings and help


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Hello everybody

let me start by saying I own nothing mallifaux yet. Mainly because I am having problems picking a warband/army/faction whatever the game calls their forces. My main problem is I like playing bad guys. I play Chaos Space Marines for 40k, Fantasy I play Dark Elves, Alkemy I play both Empire of the Jade Triad and Kingdom of Avalon, When I played clicks games I generally went for all super villain teams and finally most of my reaper minis happen to be crazy evil looking.

Now the reason I have a problem picking an army I guess for Mallifaux is everything looks so deliciously evil, it is like an assault on the senses. So the ones that really stuck out in my head were the bayou people because I think evil hillbilly's would be awesome, The neverborn, and the ressurectionists.

Game wise how do these factions play?

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In very general terms: Guild is the most straightforward, direct combat style. Resurrectionists are more "horde and buff" than others. The Arcanists are powerful magic wise and can possibly "horde" as well. The Neverborn each are some combination of the the styles, and all have some pretty crazy rules unique to themselves. The Outcasts play fairly uniquely as well.

My suggestion is almost always learn to play using a Guild crew. They're so straightforward as to be great teaching crews.

Welcome to the obsession!

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Thing is I pickup games fast and money is a tight thing. Example is I played alkemy for the first time like a week or so ago, and against an experienced player I forced a draw to a win, And that is a very scenario driven game.

Basically I went after his alchemist, managed to kill all his band except for an archer ad I was holding the Jin outpost at the end of the battle. we called it simply because it wouldn't be fun for him just shooting arrows at my guys on the jin outpost and he already had 2 victory points from holding it for2 turns. So literally we coulda played it for a bunch more turns, but that just would not have been fun and since it was a friendly game i didn't want to be a total douche.

Point is both cash and general skill at games i just wanna jump in feet first like I have done with all the other games I play.

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Ive picked up alot of the evil lookin crews and trust me i love my evil, now what was said is true Lilith is one mean master, her skills are unique and it makes her a little tricky to pick up, but once in combat she makes grown men cry, Som'er Teeth on the other hand seems to get a bad rep on the forum, not many like him because of gremlins potental to kill each other, but in reality it doesnt happen all that often if you play your cards right. he can be a ton of fun and brutally efficant! McMourning is also mind blowingly good in combat, from six inches away if all goes well he can tear any model to bits. just some food for thought.

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