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Warhammer - Ostrich Knights, Swan-of-War


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Sorry these aren't Wyrd models, but I thought I'd post some of my Warhammer conversions. My goal is to get the whole army at least basecoated and then tend to the finishing work later. Hope you enjoy!

General of the Empire on Swan-of-War (Griffon)


Ostrich Knights, including Captain of the Empire


Detail of Ostrich Knights


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If they ever see combat they are sure to chicken out....:slap:

Did you pick up the army in the sale... I hear they where going cheep :slap:

please please some one stop me I have more....... No NO dont just bury your head in the sand. :slap:


Cracking looking force :1:

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Thanks guys, I've wanted to build Ostrich knights for years now and its nice to see them come into fruition.

The swan is from a German toy company called Schleich and the armor was greenstuffed on. The ostriches are from Jeff Valent studios and have had the riders hacked on.

@Monkey - my war cry is "Aflak!"

Here's an old picture of my Steam Elephant, E-3PO


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