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Crooked Man Sledgehammer


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I searched but couldn't find anything on this. I'm working on assembling my Crooked Men, and realized that the sledgehammer doesn't fit the model. Namely, the hands on the hammer are too widely spaced by far for the wrist-stumps on the model. Normally I don't mind a bit of tweaking, but this seems a far bit off (a good 2 or 3 mm). Given the issue, I can't imagine it just being a bad cast.

How have other folks dealt with this issue?

Much obliged,


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Totally had that issue myself.

I looked at the picture and noticed that the handle was bent.

So I just bent the handle of the hammer until the hands fit on.

My guess is that the handle was supposed to be bent (crooked men after all) but a straight handle was easier to cast.

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