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Glendale AZ tournament


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hey, just a quick follow up.

The tournament (IMO) was a great success (even though I was robbed of total victory! - jk) Lost 1st place by 1 measly vp!!!

Teryk (sorry for mispelling) ran a great tourny with a fantastic background story and really crazy fun special rules!

All in all it was a blast.

Anyone traveling to or living in Phoenix should really make it a point to visit/play at the Imperial Outpost in Glendale.

Not only do they have a ridiculous amount of playing space, but also the terrain is really top notch.

Plus the owner and staff were super friendly - he gave me a free tape measurer b/c I didn't have one!

All the players - Malifaux, 40k & Fantasy were all a great bunch of guys & gals. Very friendly and helpful.

Playing at the Outpost makes me want to move back to Phoenix just to play there every weekend!

My only regret is not being able to take a few minutes to take pics of the tourny in action. =(

Looking forward to seeing some of the guys I met at GenCon in August!

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thank you very much and the next Tourny is planned for the eleventh of july, it was great to meet all of you who showed up and hope to see all of you next time, and as far as you go Hman im sorry i had to go after, but if you want to we can meet up for that game some time before you go back so please keep in contact and glad you had a good time.

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