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help with ramos and his crew?


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just a quick question to anyone who plays ramos a lot;

Aproximately how many arachnids and other constructs should I build and have on hand in an average game? ( 25-35 ss worth )

I would like to purchase more figures that ramos conjures up during a game, but have no idea how many to get? i don't want to go overboard, but I don't want to come up short and have to proxy with other figs ( i loath proxying :-( )

Thanks all O/

- Wetdigestive.

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well that is an interesting question. If you do the math it's alot.

if Ramos is able to summon a spider every turn for 6 turns. that is at least 6 spider models. it takes 3 spiders to build a swarm model. Now if you have the brass arachnid and he stokes Ramos every turn you could conceivably summon 6 more spiders. So you're looking at 12 spiders and half that in swarm models. it's a ton of minis if you do it that way.

As for the Electrical Creation you only need one as only one can be out at a time.

However you don't need all that many really. I run with 2 spider swarms and 6 spiders and find I have enough models usually. while the idea of getting a spider or 2 out every turn is appealing it doesn't really work out that way and I find there are other things I'd like Ramos to do than finding scrap counters and making spiders but that's just me.

I will probably wind up picking up another swarm and a set of 3 spiders just to cover myself if I need it, but that is some time down the road as my spiders don't seem to last long as I tend to blow them to pieces.

So my typical starting set up is as follows for a 25ss game.

Ramos (2 cache)

Brass Arachnid --2

Steamborg --10

Arachnid Swarm --9

Arachnid --3

It's pretty much summon, stoke, summon and swarm. Then scatter and KABLEWY!

Hope that helps.

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I have five singles and three swarms. It was a little pricy, but it makes the crew pretty solid. I played my first game with him tonight and creamed Seamus without having to proxy on a 30ss scrap. I started with two singles, a swarm, Hans and the steamborg. :]

I also put only two models on the swarms to save a bit of money and free up two singles per pack. I hope it's not against any codes. >.>

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Honestly, if everyone you play with knows what the model is (It's clearly a swarm, not a single) and is okay with it, it's fine. I mean, torunaments might, MIGHT have a issue with it, but again, if it's clearly a swarm, who cares?

I'm making my next swarm a tower, like 3 spiders atop one another, trying to be intimidating. :-P

I have the same setup- 2 swarms and 6 spiders. I just bought 2 more swarms outright. Then Steamborg/Joss/Alyce, Ramos, and the Brass Arachnid. No proxies.

... Damn I've spent a lot of money on this game.

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so if i do not glue the arachnids onto the base that would leave three singles to use as singles, and i would just have to plunk them onto the base ( the large base ) to represent the swarm? this brings up another question; when they are running individually, do i have to put them each onto a 30mm base, or do i run them on their little legs with no base? I would imagine that i need to put them onto 30mm bases for measurement purposes ( targeting / movement etc...) ? Apologies if this is a stupid question or one with an obvious solution; I'm just trying to picture it.

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U have to base the single steampunk Arachnids there a named model in the book and it says thay have the 30mm base (The smallest one).

I run 6 small and two swarm I have not had problums with running out of models but I have thought about getting three more singles and one swarm. So i woule have 9 sigles and three swarms, this is because i dont run the steamborg at all, and I like the idea of haveing alot of spiders on the table at once.

I ended up glueing them to there bases, I go lego gears and had fun making them look like they were crawling un and on the gears. I personaly think that spending around 7$ for a pack of three is cheap compaired to what GW or PP would charge for them. Though i would not mind a playing a player who based fewer models to save some cash or was clever enough to have some kind of pin/mag base thingy.

Just a side note i dont start with my spiders swarmed, so that there DF is 6 rather then 4, i swarm them up when they get closer to there targets.

- hope this helps


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I recommend magnetizing your spiders.

I've found that to be a great solution to having a veritable swarm of spiders at hand for any situation.

The way I've got mine configured allows me to field 2 swarms and 9 individual spiders bases.

The swarm bases would have no spiders on it, but everyone I play with knows which bases are the swarm bases b/c they are unique.

However I usually put at least 1 spider on the swarm base for good luck.

Just my two cents.

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