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Hey folks!

So I have just started play Wryds fine game and thought I would share the few models I have finally got round to painting.

I do recognise a few screen names from the Privateer forum so I hope I have changed my style enough from my Cryx force to be interesting to them also.

Anyway enough blabbing:


I really hate doing faces, thats why I play Cryx in Warmachine, but I have to say the detail on Wyrds models actually allowed me to enjoy doing Sonnia's face.


I really wanted Something different for Miss Criid, compaired to the art work and studio colour scheme. I am fairly happy with it but there are a few little touch ups needed and my shading is far from smooth. But I am still working on becoming a good painter.


Looking at the pics of the Witchlings I dont think that the I have painted on the dust thick enough on the bottoms of their outfits, I might have to go back and make it a little more obvious.

I still have to do Samael Hopkins the one man howitzer, which I intend on doing something very much like the mexican poncho outfit in Red Dead Redemtion.

I also have the Lady Justice crew to paint at a later date and only once their done will I buy any more, otherwise I will end up not painting anything.


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They are indeed the ones from pegasus - I have to say I am very happy with them.

I also have some IMEX ones too from their Alamo accessories set - the natural items are fine for scale but everything else is a little small, for somethings like barrels it does not matter too much though.


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You know what I've found to work great as dust?

oddly enough, dust. A lot of people don't realize how much texture real sand can add to a figure-just get some fine grain sand, paint a tiny bit of glue on the model and sprinkle them with it, it'll stick. after it's dry you can get it the color you want with paint, the added texture of the grit will make the dust stand out on the model really well.

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Thanks folks.

I was not actually sure about putting any dusty marks on Sonnia, mainly because I am worried I make a mess of it.

I was thinking about mixing dust in to the watered down paint I used and certainly if I add another coat I may give that a go.


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@GcFlash: Maybe try using GW's Devlan Mud wash/ink. I've found it gives a very nice and subtle dirty/muddy effect without being over the top or taking away from the paint job.

Even if you leave her 'clean' - she still looks awesome.

@Shekbo: Do you have any samples online of using this technique? If not, would you be willing to do a tutorial and post it here for us?

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