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I finally won a game with Ramos!


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Okay, so I've only played about 3 games of 'faux at this point. But every game I played I either lost or just barely tied.

In fact, the last game before lasts nights, I got thoroughly clobbered by Lady J and crew.

In last nights game I found the electrical fire spell to be indispensable - in fact I cooked Johan to death in a single turn and toasted a Victoria quite nicely with it as well.

Plus my Borg did his job quite well by decapitating Bishop before he could do much damage. Gotta love it when your opponent gets down to just one control card and can't do anything about it! =)

I know some people are into lists and stuff, so here's the 30SS list I ran:


Brass Arachnid


Arachnid Swarm

x3 Arachnids (single)

For this game I decided to ignore having extra soulstones as that hasn't proven very effective for me in my previous games.

Rather than being super aggressive, I decided I would hang back and wait for my opponent to come to me. Thankfully there was a nice ruin in the middle of the table which also happened to be my Scenario objective.

So basically I consolidated my "army" there and picked his guys off one by one.

This tactic, going after 1 guy at a time really paid off. In the past I was content with putting a couple of wounds on people. But now I've decided to outright kill my opponents guys one at a time to deny him their abilities.

Hopefully this will work in my next game too!

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