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Hello everybody,

I am a newcomer to Malifaux but an old hand at wargames, having played WH40K (currently an Ork horde)since the earliest days, WHFB (Lizardmen) and Warmachine/Hordes (Cryx/Trollbloods). I also have a Mordheim undead warband.

I am starting out with some starter boxes with a few add ons.

So'mer Teeth and his gremlins, a Pig Herder and some Piglets, I have to get some Mozzies.

Pandora and the Woes, Teddy, a Doppleganger and a bad juju.

Mcmourning and the Nurses, some dead dogs, a zombie chihuahua and some mindless zombies.

I will undoubtedly be asking plenty of questions in the not too distant as I get the bands painted and start playing.

Looking forward to getting to know the game and all of you.

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Hi and welcome to Wyrd. You did pick some of the more tricky ones, but I think you'll enjoy the challenge, as they can get quite powerful on the field, and as a gremlin player, you'll love what we got coming for you in book 2.

Great to have you on the forums!

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