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I got my wife a Studio McVey mini...


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Here is a stock image of the mini in question:


It's the most detailed mini I've ever bought. I think she's going to want to put in some more practice before she attempts to paint it though. Man, I'm so glad my wife is a nerd too. :)

Edit: Bah, I accidently put this post in the wrong forum. Feel free to move it to Miniature Matters if you like.

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I saw this and that was my main impetus to go and get not only this mini, but two others from McVey!

I got this one, Isabella, and Serafine. Great minis, IMHO!

I'll be painting up the elf as a gift for my gf using her Wood Elves paint scheme for WHF. The others I'll use as alternates for Sonnia & Zoraida in Malifaux, or as custom characters to be determined later...


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