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Bewitch and control cards


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Is a card to discard the same as a control card when under the influence of Bewitch? i.e if I cast it on a model which as to discard cards is this model unable to discard? Or does it only apply to cheating fate?



I'm pretty sure it only applies to cheating fate. -gets rule book- Okay, it says that the targeted model may not play control cards, which I'm pretty sure would require the controller to make the choice to play them if they could normally. Discarding is not controlled by the player, so I think discarding works fine.

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I agree when the discarding is done in a compulsory manner that shouldn't count as "playing" the control hand. However what about this example:

I bewitch a model, then get Hans to trigger Headshot on that model, which then has a choice to make: discard 2 cards (let's say for the example it can't use SS) or be killed. Do you think Bewitch would stop the player from discarding in this situation? After all it is using the control hand cards, and is up to the player's choice (i.e play the cards or be killed).

A bit of a tricky one me tink, but I'm more leaning torwards the no discard allowed; that would make Bewitch a nice combo with Headshot ability models indeed!

Thanks for your help clarifying!


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Expanding on the above post: What about models that have abilities that require you to discard in order to use? Flurry and Rapid Fire come to mind.

I think that might work, since you aren't playing them.

I'm pretty sure that the original intent of the bewitch spell was to prevent the model you wanted to die from cheating fate.

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Well, my interpretation is this. I think the original intent of Bewitch is what Aldyhide said, to stop a model from cheating fate. Though intent has little to do with it, it's what you can get away with from the wording until there's a clarifying errata.

My two cents: Discarding a card directly from your hand to the discard pile, the card never enters directly into play. If the card never enters play, then it was never "played."

Alternatively, head shot states "Kill target model unless it's controller discards 2 cards." Bewitch prevents the model itself from using a Control Card, it doesn't prevent the player from using them when questioned directly.

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