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More Neverborn Models


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I've been doing a little more painting to try to get used to it. These are among the first models I've ever done. I used to hate painting and quit after painting a small squad over ten years ago. Something about Malifaux made me want to give it a try again, though, and overall, not that bad. Not going to win any awards or anything, but it could be a lot worse.


My second group of Terror Tots. My first batch were running across bizarre looking rocks. These guys are in a cemetary or something charging across the stone states of angels.


As much as I dislike him, I also painted up my Cherub. I wanted to have him flying without having to put him up on a pole, so I used the flower pot from the Victorian extra stuff Wyrd puts out.


My three Sorrows. I wanted to paint them red with green summoning stars on the bases, but when I looked through my paints, I realized I didn't have enough shades of red. But I had a lot of blue for some reason. I'm actually pretty happy with how they turned out. I like the blue better than I thought I would.


Finally, here's Teddy. I had a lot of trouble with the teeth and have since gone back and repainted them again, but I was happy with the red-stained fur and the rest of him.

I've also commissioned a few models out to a few of my friends. The more challenging ones. But I spent a lot of time working on their bases or their adjustments, so I figured I'd post them up here too.


This Doppelganger was painted by Zephir. He saw the model and insisted I let him paint it if I buy the paint for him. No problem there. I took some green stuff and draped it over the tree behind her as her most recently shed skin.



Here are two of my Nephilim. I wanted to have differences for my two Mature Nephilim (only one's painted so far) so I gave this one a crab claw and the other one has a double-bladed sword (from Thagrosh in Hordes). I'll post him up once he's painted up.


Here are the three Silurids. I personally like the one with the pile of heads.


Here's Hamelin. The way he's painted reminds me a little of Nale from Order of the Stick. Must be the blond goatee.



Finally, Avatar Pandora and regular Pandora.

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All looking good to me, great bases on the tots.

Thanks! I had these crazy angel pieces for a while and couldn't figure out what to do with them, but when I got a second set of Tots, they just completely came together.

Did you copy these from this guy who plays at a store near me? They look just like this... except not as good. :)

Ha! Who's this crazy guy who stole my models?! I'll have to beat him down...

Very nice work indeed.

I have done similar with my first terror tot but am now jealous of yours.

Also wish I had looked in hear prior to asking about what to do with a Cherub....

Thank you! I saw another person who used a lamp post for his Cherub - stuck him about 2/3 of the way up so it worked for a flying stand that wasn't just a pole. You could try that too. Good luck!

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That's him. It's both exciting and disturbing to play against a man that looks like that, but there you have it.

Especially since my voice is pretty deep too. It's part of my way to mind-screw my opponents. They don't know what to expect and then BAM! I win!

That Doppleganger is superb! Consider the idea respectfully copied!

Sure thing - good luck with the model. I've been having a great time working on the bases of the models, making them tell a little more of a story.

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