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First game - thanks for the advice.


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well after getting some advice on here, my first crew was:

The 2 vics

3 ronin

1 convicted gunslinger

5 soulstone left over.

it was a three way game and for the most part I was ignored so i think i only used like 1 soulstone and that was to change an initiative flip.

my objective was to get the treasure counter from the centre of the board to my table edge, all very good.

the ronin where awesome, can see why everyone likes them - took a charge from a rather grusome mature neiphilim (sp?) and came out pretty healthy - whilst the other two ronin ran past and slashed the beast up silly.

I used one ronin to run through a model - get the extra movement, run through another model - get the extra movement and pretty much that way get into my enemy deployment zone to deny him his stratagem points for keeping me out - an extra 8" of movement in a turn is pretty good!

Now this was probably cheating but we could not find the rule at the time - one of my vics picked up the treasure in the centre of the board, then i used the Vics ability to swap the vics over and the other was in my deployment zone - thus i ended the game with the treasure in my deployment for max 4pts.

though i guess i could have just pushed her back to my other vic and both would have stayed in my deployment zone which sounds a bit more reasonable.

anyho is that actually legal? because sneaky it was - but couldn't find anything about dropping tokens if your teleport/are pushed but still unfamiliar with the game.

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The errata changed Treasure Hunt so that you drop the treasure if you move by any action other than a walk action. No teleporting/pushing/charging with it I'm afraid.

So, what happens if an effect causes the model holding it to be pushed, but the effect isn't controlled by that models player. (I'm thinking along the lines of hangman's knot/ lure here.)

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just read through the errata and glad they fixed that one up - as broken it was.

this could make taelor much more interesting, with her knockback move. - knock opponent off treasure - get someone else to pick up treasure.

of course if a ronin has the treasure then it cannot perform the next target trigger on the run through move for that extra 4" movement.

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