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That's battle damage and chicks dig scars. So I'm told. :)

Seriously though, in the future, if you get a miscast, holler loud and it'll get replaced.

Good to know :) Thanks.

But seriously it looks worse in the piccy than it does in real life.

On a seperate note should be taking delivery of the Neveborn commission this weekend...watch this space!

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Played an awesome game lastnight with Hamelin & Kade in my Cult of December, was playing against my buddy's Nicodem crew.

Hamelin helped me stave off swarms of zombie by getting rid of corpse counters with his hungry rats & Kade.....oh he's amazing! He dropped a full health Flesh Golem in a 1er! Got off backstab, while having him next to Tina for frozen heart & the gamin behind him put up bite of winter! Then followed up with his melee expert attack triggering sweetbreads on both, Bam! He took a samurai zombie to, this was a bit harder but finished him with obey followed by growing command for a 2nd Obey from Hamelin!

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