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Demo @ Bristol, sun 16 May

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so, i've decided to go to the Tabletop Gaming Sale in Bristol tomorrow and they've got "free Gaming" at the end of the day.

I'll be taking a selection of my terrain and a couple painted 20SS forces to teach people the basics of Malifaux :thumb:

hopefully i'll have some photos afterwards :D

so, if you'm in the area, pop on by; unknown bargains and a game of Malifaux.. a win-win situation!

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chatted to several guys about Malifaux and passed on my details for when their club wants a proper set doing :)

only gave one Demo but that went rather well :)

i think 20SS is too big for a demo and need to get a proper scenario specifically written (played Slaughter) :P

hand outs and maybe fliers would work well ontop...

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