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Pulp City - Vector

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Vector, more of a data bit than a human, is able to replicate only one emotion: crazy love for Kitty. He used to be human, one of New Port's many lowlives until the job, that changed his life.

A mysterious contractor paid him for stealing a bit of the C.O.R.E.'s code. Even though he succeeded against all odds, Heavy Metal leader's programming was so powerful that it morphed the thug into what is now know as Vector.

Vector is Melvin de Voor's concept, sculpted by James van Schaik and comes with three Pixel counters that can morph into a powerful Mega Pixel Minion.



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Pulp City is one of my new favorite lines of minis-games. All the characters seem fun, and the overall setting seems like an enjoyable one. I've thought about adding it as a second project behind malifaux...but if I did it'd have to be on a much more casual scale.

That being said, Vector looks better than I expected. Nuclear Jones is still my main man though ;)

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