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Seamus vs Nicodem

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Me and friend played a 25 SS game last night between these 2 res masters.

Random mission was Slaughter for both of us and we each chose one scheme which was the bodyguard one announcing it as our respective masters.

He had Nicodem with his base starter and extra SS

I took Seamus starter with 2 necropunks and an extra SS

First turn pretty normal just both sides moving towards contact as we were both melee heavy so nothing really happened other than movement.

Turn 2: Seamus shoots a punk zombie wounding it and backs up into his belles. Nicodems forces mainly charge ending the turn in a general melee with most figures from both starter in HtH. Only Nico and the mortemier arent in HtH. One zombie punk killed off but resummoned by nico

Turn3: general melee continues with Seamus crew winning initiative and using the mistress to activate all of the belles and proceeds to kill off another 2 of the zombie punks however they are re-summoned before Seamus can summon anything.

Turn 4: Seamus again wins initiative and launches a bunch of attacks between himself and his belles, however now Nico has his undead buff aura up making it almost impossible for the belles to land any hits. End result is lots of attacks for little damage, punk zombies then go and kill seamus along with the mistress and we called the game as it was not worth playing out the last 2 turns.

Nico with the aura that gives all his undead 2 def and 2 CA on melee is awesome it makes all of the punk zombies in effect 7-8 SS characters stat wise especially since they already hit hard with their base melee abilities. Not an army you want to have to go toe to toe with, but with seamus not much ranged to use.

Was a good game and if all of Seamus crew hadnt missed in round 4 might have swung the other way, but the huge difference in CA/Def was very telling on many of those flips. Basically the Belles couldnt hit anything and we couldnt dodge anything on defense due to the super high CA the zombie punks get.

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Sounds good, Seamus needs to remember that with 3 belles, they can lure a zombie all the way across the board in 1 round essentially, kill it, and then Seamus can make another Belle since the corpse is right there...it's a nasty little tactic which forces your enemy to come to you while depleting his forces and building up yours, it's the Seamus version of ranged combat...but you may not want to tell your opponent that.

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Yea, I had one of my Tots lured out twice in one of my games, which separated him from his support and did indeed end up in a 4th Belle. Yuck. Fortunately when he died, I had gotten other Nephilims close enough and was able to use Brood to move them up for future support. Without Brood I could have really been in trouble.

Such a nasty tactic!

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