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Deathmatch: Cult of December vs Legion of Emo

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Not so much a battle report, but just a quick set of pics from a game last week. I kept forgetting to post them up here.

Early into it, an Ice Gamin makes a run for the treasure. Raspy, another Ice Gamin and the Ice Golem are off to the right behind the building.


The Ice Gamin realizes that his life is crap and his daddy didn't love him and sits still on the treasure. Brooding.

Raspy puts up some invisible ice pillars.


Ice Golem gets hit by something that I don't remember and ASPOLODES!!1! taking out two other Gamin. :( Raspy craps a brick and puts up more Ice Pillars.


Candy sneaks around the corner. Raspy had machine gunned the rest of Team Emo down.


Raspy prepares to kill Candy (which is quickly shunted to the Sorrow).


Down to two models! Raspy wins Initiative and......WTF WHIFFS ON ALL CASTINGS. Candy stabs Raspy in the face.


God I love this game.

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That is a terrain piece that our awesome LGS has. I think he got it from a trip to Historicon. Not terribly sure. I will ask him.

I forgot to add to the post above that we flipped for random events every turn, and none of them went off over the 6 turns. :D

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Nice bases on the minis... Did you make those yourself?

No, I don't really know where Chris got his bases from for the Legion of Sorrow. The few ice bases I have for my Cult of December are from Epicast. I have a few Dark Age ice base inserts that are attached to my WIP Hoarcat Pride and December Acolyte.

And thanks!

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Looks like Microart studios bases on Candy and the Sorrow:


Methinks you are right. I think I have those in my way-too-full box of resin bases. I went a little crazy with them last year. They are coming in handy now, though. All my Malifaux models are getting the good stuff. Pics in ten days when I get home from vacay...

BTW, Mozart--those pics are inspriational. I can't wait to get some fully painted games in.

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