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Demo: Seamus vs Lilith

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Last night I introduced a friend to the game. As he hadnt even heard of it, let alone seen the book or models, I started by telling him the fluff, story-like. Piquing his interest, I then showed him the book and let him look at the models while I explained the basics of the game, enough so that looking at the stats he knew how to read the model entries.

His first impulse was to play with Somer and his goblins. And then he found the Resurrectionists. And I winced - he played Seamus for his first go.

We played a 20 SS game with Starter Sets - I had Lilith and her Nephilim with 5 SS's while Brian had Seamus and his undead ladies plus 4 SS.

We had a simple enough setup terrain-wise, with a repair shack in the middle of the field, and some trees and rubbled areas scattered around that. Brian set up first, with the 3 Belles to his right flank, Sybelle in the middle, and Seamus to his left. The 3 groups were roughly 6-8 inches apart from each other group. (I just now caught the fact that Sybelle has the word "Belle" in it. *groan*)

I opposed him with 3 Terror Tots on my left, opposite his Belles, my Mature Nephilim across from Sybelle (who could not see each other due to the shack) and Lilith on my right, across from Seamus.

We had both drawn Assassinate, using my nifty Encounter cards (see my sig!). We chose to not use Terrain special features or Schemes.

Bear in mind this was a demo game from someone who, while an experienced gamer, was trying to wrap his mind around very detailed models and a ruleset that was explained very well, I think, but was still foreign enough - so we both made some rookie moves. I also didnt take game notes, so this is 14 hours after the fact from memory :)

Turn 1

The Res won first initiative and moved a Belle up on his right flank. I countered with casting Sprint on a Tot and running 10" up towards the Belle, ending about 5-ish inches from his advance Belle. Realizing that I couldnt do anything really effective with my one AP left, I passed and left the tot there.

He moved another Belle up and cast Lure at the Tot. Moving up 5", my Tot was alongside his first Belle and not quite to the casting Belle. I advanced another Tot up 10" to support the first, and he advanced his third Belle and Lured the first Tot again. This time, I was close enough and deep enough into his lines that the Tot was in trouble - he took a hit, which wasnt staggering, but was now roughly surrounded by 3 ugly bitches.

I flew the Mature Neph up 12", being close to my other two Tots. Sybelle attempted to Call one of her Belles, but misjudging the casting requirements of the spell, he failed to get all the suits needed and it failed. She walked a tad closer to the engaged Tot and punched it in the face, killing it. This brought both my second Tot and my Mature Neph up 6" and into melee range.

Somewhere in here I moved my 3rd Tot up 10", and Seamus experimented with some spells. Hitting my Tot and another that was close with Undead Psychosis (he must have done this just before the Tot died), he also activated Face of Death. He then used the Corpse Counter from the dead Tot to cast Arise my Sweet - which would have failed had he not Cheated and then augmented with a SS). Ugh. 4 Belles. [sorry the order on this one isnt exact, but its roughly what happened, give or take...]

Lilith moved up 6", right behind the shack, and cast Transposition. Intending to swap with Sybelle and leave the Belles without a major player, I was about 3/4" shy of her, but fortunately my beleaguered Tot was in range. *poof* Lilith hit Sybelle with a blow, dealing Weak damage.

Turn 2

Res won initiative, and Alphaed with Sybelle and her 4 Belles all at once. Lilith used Disappear to great effect, avoiding all but minor damage. The Mature Neph also took some minor damage, but my 2nd Tot was killed.

With 4 Belles, Sybelle, and my Mature Neph all in range, Lilith couldnt help herself and went Tekken-style with Whirling Death, after casting Brood Mother and nominating the Neph as her buddy.

[edit: Imagine this: Lilith has the shack's wall at her back, with her Mature Nephilim immediately to her left. Sybelle stands nearly base-to-base directly in front of Lilith, Seamus being just off to Sybelle's left. 3 Belles are grouped BTB with Lilith, wrapping around to her left so that they are also in contact with the Neph. The 4th Belle is just an inch behind that row of Belles...its a Melee Royal, is what it is!]

She hit each and every model for 3 to 4 damage, putting the hurt on them all - but she missed the Neph (well, she hit by 1, but since it was my model, I cheated on the Neph's defense flip). Following her great example, the Neph went hog wild and used 3 individual Strikes to kill the 3 Belles all around him, one at a time.

Seamus went next, had to burn another SS to get Arise off, and now there were 2 Belles left. He waded in and swung at Lilith with his Bag, and I narrowly avoided Slit Jugular by cheating and winning by 1 - at that point it would have been SS discarded, because my hand was low. Later he realized he should have stood back a bit and used his Flintlock more, but with the mass melee, it might not have really mattered.

[edit - I think Seamus was actually in range of the Whirling Death, but because of the subsequent Belles being killed, he healed right back up and had another full hand of control cards - curses!]

My last move swung the previously-teleported Tot around to my right flank 10" using Sprint, hoping to come in behind Seamus. Now within 6" of Lilith, who had a Blood Counter on her, the Tot attempted and failed casting Grow. Shucks.

Turn 3

It was do or die time, and I won the initiative roll - until my buddy Brian was reminded of burning SS's for re-flips. He beat me, and my SS burn failed me - so he went first.

Later he realized that had he cast Womanizer on Sybelle, that her Belles would have activated with her for one HUGE Alphastrike, but he didnt, and we think it cost him.

Seamus cast No Escape on Lilith, Undead Psychosis on Lilith and the Mature Neph (both cheated to pass), and then cast it again (Lilith cheated to pass, but the Neph failed and couldnt cheat high enough to beat it!)

Lilith activated, tossed Brood Mother onto the Neph again, and then Whirling Deathed again - I LOVE this Action! The two Belles were fresh, so they were both cut down to around half-life, but Sybelle....Oh Sybelle, thy poor Maiden. She flipped the Black Joker for Defense, meaning I easily hit her for a margin of 10+. Fate Plus One was the total damage flip, I cheated with the Red Joker, flipped a Moderate damage, hitting the poor creature for 10 damage. She failed to do anything with her parted shot, but good ole Seamus was at full health and more cards in his hand.

The Belles hit the Neph for some small damage, and my Tot ran around the corner and wacked Seamus for 3 damage.

Turn 4

I won initiative, Brian was out of SS's, and the game ended. But just because you want to see the goriness of it, let me explain. No, there is too much. I will sum up.

Lilith used 3 individual Strikes on Seamus, who was at 9 wounds. She pounded him for 3, then her second strike came in a Fate -2. I drew 3 damage cards: Severe, Severe...Severe. BAM! Hard to Kill kicked in, and Seamus had 1 Wound left. Another hit, and as long as I didnt flip the Black Joker on the Fate -2 hit and I would kill him...

...you thought I flipped the Black Joker, didnt you? :surprised Nope! Dead Seamus. And yes, before I forget, we did NOT forget all the Terrifyings running around the board. Lilith especially had good flips against them.

My Mature Neph used individual strikes again on the remaining Belles, and cleaned them off the table, one right after another.

Ending VP: 4 for me, 0 for Brian. I had Lilith with 2 wounds taken, Mature Nephilim with 2 wounds taken, and one Terror Tot who never was able to do much more than act as a teleportation pad for his Master. Brian had...well, a whole pile of Corpse Counters on the table :)

We sat and talked about the game afterwards, and he agreed that the card mechanic was super fun. He had some misgivings going into it, but really liked how it panned out. Overall, he didnt make a ton of mistakes, given that the game was so new to him, but some poor flips on his part and some really good flips on my part saved the day for me. I cant wait to see him build a nastier list with some of the other goodies in the Res list, while I oppose him with Pandora for my first time using her!

[edit: my non-gamer wife was in the living room listening in while we played in the kitchen, and she kept cracking up at us. We gamers do truly say some hilarious things when we're knee deep in games. Thank God she still loves me!]

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Sounds likea brutal game. Shame Seamus didn't get lilith with his man-bag of doom though, I can't wait until I get that to work!

Just noticed all belle's can activate with Sybelle, for some reason I thought it was just one. BEAST!

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