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second game

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He was using the box set of lady j plus the totem.

I was using lilith box set plus the waldgiest(sp)

strategy for me was assassinate his was treasure hunt.

His scheme was bodyguard while mine was hold out and breakthrough.

terrain was one large building and two side building making a little main street and a side road. At my end of main street was a single tree.

Round one was mostly moving forward. I did cast illusionary forest.

Round two.

Lady j charged the terror tots kills the first while outside of the one inch. The other two tots move forward into melee. He does not kill the other one.

The two terror tots attack back and do 5 points of damage but die to riposte.

The forest protect lilith and the rest from death marshals. One does get the item. Lilith kills off one off the death marshal that picked up the item.

Round three.

Judge hurt lilith for 7 points of damage and i pull a black jack off to resist the damage.

Lilith kills the judge.

waldgiest to charge but fails to hit a death marshal.

Failed attack by the death marshals on lilith.

Round 4

Death marshal kills lilith.

Mature kills the death marshal. Death marshal does 2 damage to mature.

Lady j maneuvers to get charge next round.

Round 5

Mature charges last death marshal and kills him with second strike.

Lady j kills waldgiest on second hit.

Round 6.

Everything came down to who won the starting flip.

I won the starting flip and killed lady j in one hit thanks to red joker on damage.

We went back and played the same card to determine that if he had one the starting flip he would have won easily.

This game went a lot faster. There was only a little bit of looking up rules.

I really really like lilith epically because of the terrain creation. It really adds a lot of protection for the guys and give a nice complement with the waldgiest.

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Sweet! Nice report and it looks like you guys are starting to get the rules.

We have seen a pretty consistent pick up by the second game. By the time you have hit 5 games or so you probably won't even look at the rule book except for the really obscure things.

Congrats on winning! A good hard fight. Sounds like you got 5vps to his 0. Pretty good!

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I also had Eye for an Eye so I got one VP thanks to it being within one model's difference at the end.

The ending of the game was a lot more tense than Cacuin lets on. When we flipped for final initiative, he flipped a 3 and I flipped an Ace. He had no soulstones left so I'm thinking I've got an easy win here. I kill the Mature Nephilim, waltz over to the objective and hightail it back home. So, I causally flip the soulstone over to my discarded pile, flip the card, and weep openly. I replaced an ace with an ace. It was all Cacuin could do not to laugh at my poor luck. :disappoin After that, I forgot to continue to spend soulstones on preventing damage at the end, which might, though not likely, have changed the outcome.

Had fun. We definitely had a better handle on the rules tonight. Game went fast and we recognized what was coming our way without a lookup in the rulebook every five minutes. This was my fifth game so far. Luckily, my wife picked up a boxed set as well so I've got her Redchapel gang to play with at home.

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