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1st scrap Leveticus v. Ramos

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Played a 28 stone game, mostly as a rules test. We tried to be very fastidious about the rules and would check things even when we thought we knew the answer. Game took about 2.25 hours for ~6 turns, but turns began to speed up at the end, especially as I became familiar with Lev's death mechanics.

My group:

Alyce, desolation engine, Steampunk abomination 5 stones

His group:

Ramos box set straight up (2 stones from cache)

He got reconnoiter and I got slaughter. I chose Thwart and announced, he chose sabatoge twice.

First turn everything moved into position and I worked on understanding the Companion mechanic and how the engine can pull along the abomination to get past Hobbled. He summons an electrical creation.

Second turn:

Alyce shoots the executioner, headshots, but he drops cards to prevent. I shoot again and bring it down to 3 wounds and drop snares to prevent the charge. His steamborg double advances and uses the extra melee attack to bring Alyce to two wounds. Lev activates and I take about 25 minutes figuring out how that works. I didn't know that you couldn't reduce yourself to 0 wounds, which made the planning more difficult. I use Necrotic Unmaking to kill the borg and summon another steampunk.

The desolation engine w/ steampunk meet and arachnid swarm and the engine dies. Steampunks pop out and a battle of attrition begins that I will lose. Need to learn how to make the engine work, as it is a giant point sink right now.

Ramos makes the critical mistake of wasting both soulstones summoning a spider.

Third turn:

Alyce is killed by the electrical creation. Lev puts down a swarm and my abominations die quickly.


Last turn:

It is down to Lev plus waif against Ramos plus arachnid. Not a good match up for me, as Ramos's counterspell is proof against Lev's awesome spell list. I spend a soulstone to win initiative. Lev goes, uses death's lessons to put the red joker on top of the deck, necromantic sacrifice plus Wk to get into melee and then puts the death touch down with a triple plus flip from Face of Death. One severe damage later and Ramos is history and we call the game.

Lessons learned:

Leveticus is tough to get your mind around in the beginning and it really pays to parse out his turn so you get the right stuff happening at the right time. His spell list is ridiculous, but counterspell makes you get into melee. The ability to deny Ramos scrap tokens from both my guys (steampunk abominations) and from his by summoning Steampunks first, is great and cripples a lot of his support ability. I like the seesaw feeling of invulnerability from wanting to die each turn to the terrible weakness that is the hollow waif.

I think that blocking terrain, particularly thin forests, are incredibly important and a must drop for the Lev player. Death's Lessons is fantastic and lets you either set up the conditions to successfully cast your high target number spells or set up for a couple of great defense flips. It really feels terrible when you realize that you miscalculated the number of wounds caused and will end up living through the turn.

I didn't like how the engine performed, but that may just be my screwups. The steampunks were weak, but I get the feeling they are supposed to be. Alyce was ok, but I may change her up for something else next time.


Why would you not pick the maximum number of schemes? You don't lose VP for failing, so pick a couple different and see what happens.

Can I use Killjoy and then sacrifice Leveticus at some point to summon Killjoy? It says "all models gain (1) sacrifice" and I would like to be able to use this when I don't have enough actions to bring me down to one wound on a turn.

Alyce only grants additional draw cards on the first turn for Leveticus, correct?

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Alyce grants a 2 card draw every turn that she is within range of Levi.

Conditional abilities trump blanket abilities.

Since Alyce's ability is conditional on being in range it trumps Levi's never draw ability.

You could indeed use Killjoy as a way to kill Levi on a turn you don't do your math right. Now you underdtand why you might want to summon him a bit later in the game.

I'm really glad that you are picking up Levi. The Engine is very similar in complexity to Levi. Give it a few more goes and I think you will start to get your Stones worth out of him.

The Abominations are indeed weak on purpose. They are a means to an Engine end. :)

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Another note:

Ramos Counterspell will only work on spells that actually target him. Auras and Pulses do not target. Also, as long as a blast originates on another target but clips Ramos the Counterspell will not work.

There are ways around it. (Including shooting your own troops)

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Thanks for the clear up on Alyce. So, I guess I have to get her to be within 3" of the waif every turn. Good thing she is handy with a pistol, but it does prevent me from just hiding the waif completely out of sight. Will have to play with that a litttle and see how it works.

Any ideas on schemes, bugking? Is there any reason I wouldn't take two in a scrap with the idea of maxing out my chances to score VP?

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Good to know another palyer is enjoying dear sweet Levi (Though Ambrose did beat me to the response...)

Abominations are overcosted, they are designed that way as you can spawn them so easily. General rule is to take none at start but spawn them like crazy...

As for Desolation engine, he's good, if somewhat fragile for his cost. One thing you have to factor into his cost is that he spawns 2 abominations on death. This gets you halfway there for another one. With Levi it's all about synergy synergy synergy.

As for Levi, don't be afraid to take units from other armies. His ability to hire enemy constructs is amazing and allows you to build some very flexible armies with him. There's a lot of choice with Levi, probably the most out of any master when it comes to army design. He's just ever so much fun....

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Awesome report, and I can see why he is a killer Master. Works himself to death, but that's a good thing!

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