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Terrainthralls Site Update

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We have recently redone the layout of the site. We have returned to the bimonthly updates as well.

Check out www.terrainthralls.com to see the new updates.

This update includes Moa's introduction as a member as well as a new tutorial by Scarab7664.

You can see the new tutorial here:

Scarab's Broken Ground

Moa included a pic of one of his Okko boards as an intro and it can be seen here:

Moa's Okko Board

I believe that Moa posted the picture here already but for those of you that might have missed it go ahead and follow the link.

Nobody will continue to migrate the old tutorials over to the new format so for the foreseeable future each update will increase the tutorial count significantly. Check the site out again in two weeks for the new updates.


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Thanks TheBugKing. More tutorials are in the pipeline but I have to finish my IP entry first.

That's right!

You better win! I think if we get matched up we should just forgo the theme and do a terrain build off! Just for grins you know?

It would also generate two new tutorials! Win win win all the way around!

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