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Baby Kade


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I'm not a 100% on this it almost seems that this one has something missing, but here's another:


In all my years, I had never seen something so horrible. I had been a cop for almost 25 years before the day that darkness fell. Since that day, I had seen more horrible things done to people than I had thought that anyone could have done. But this one, this one was worse.

It looked like a toddler, it acted like a toddler, until I got close, then I noticed the teddy bear it was holding all bloody and stitched together. It was then that it lunged at me. I have no idea where a toddler would have been able to hide a knife, but it had one. A razor sharp stainless steel blade with a blood already dripping from the tip.

I heard a shot behind me and the baby was caught in midair and thrown back. I looked over my shoulder and saw my partner. He had manged to keep is wits about him and shoot the little brat in mid-air.

"Thanks," I said to him. "What was that thing?"

"A Changeling. Nasty little creatures. In the ancient times they were goblins switched with human children. It appears that the Night Terrors have restarted the tradition," replied my partner. "This one's one of the worst, they call him Kade. And while he's a little terror, the bear he carries, is even worse. His bear may look like a simple teddy bear, but its a Were."

"A Were?" I asked, having no idea what he was talking about.

"A Were is a shapeshifter, in olden days they were werewolves, werebears, weretigers, et cetera. Now they've found a way to infect inanimate objects, its able to change from that cute and cuddly bear to something much more vicious."

"Well Mistah Bear, what do you think, is it time for you to come out and play?" cracked a voice in the darkness.

The next thing I saw was two hundred thousand razor sharp teeth and six razor sharp claws coming at me. I barely had time to react, but i managed to get my arm up right as the bear bit down on it. I almost passed out from the pain. A red spray gushed from my forearm were the bear bit it. My other hand, still holding my service revolver, managed to aim the gun at what I think was the bear's head (later I would swear it didn't have a head, just a mouth lined with row upon row of teeth) and pull the trigger, again and again. Finally the bear released its rock solid grip it had on my arm. I aimed my revolver, and fired two more times in the bear's general direction, just to make sure it was dead.

I looked for my partner, and saw the baby with the knife crawling all over him. It's glowing yellow eyes looked at me, as my partner's body slumped to the ground, and the baby was pulling his tongue through the slit it had just cut ear to ear, like a Columbian necktie.

I turned, and ran.

Headed for the door as fast as I could, terrified of what was to happen next. I made it to the door, opened and looked behind me. The baby, Kade, and his bear seemed oblivious too me, they had both started to lap up all the blood that was sprayed everywhere. I ran. Ran as far as my legs would take me. Then, I ran some more. It was two days before I finally stopped. I found an abandoned house and took shelter in it.

That was 5 years ago. When I awoke after running, I realized I there was nowhere left in this world I could run for safety, I was going to have to kill the changeling if i had ever hoped to end the nightmares. I still can't sleep through the night without seeing those glowing yellow eyes, or those rows of teeth coming at me. I realized if Man was ever going to take back the world, I'd need to find others, willing to hunt down and destroy the spawn of the Night Terrors.


feedback appreciated


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