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Sonnia and the Ice Witch.


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So here's another one,


"Sonnia, are you gonna do something soon or am I going to have to do something for you?"

"Shut it, Wyrdbane!" replied Sonnia.

She had been sitting on the roof of the building in what used to be Moscow, Russia for some time. She was waiting for the right moment. The right moment when she would finally be able to bring down her prey. She had been tracking her prey for what seemed like an eternity, every time she got close, it was like her prey knew she was there. Even with all the protections and wards, and all her training she had to mask her presence from the wyrdcasters she hunted. This one had proven especially difficult.

"Come on, Sonnia, let me out," cried Wyrdbane.

"NO!" she whispered under her breath.

Wyrdbane was starting to get on Sonnia's nerves, as usual. She reach into her coat pocket and pulled out a small tin, opening it, she took out one of the tightly rolled cigarillos. It was her own special recipe the cigarillos, served two functions, they were laced with and herb that served to help mask her presence, and also laced with another to help to calm her from the incessant prattling of Wyrdbane (gods knew Wyrdbane was able to tryanyone's patience). Sonnia light the cigarillo, and watched as another patrol of zombies went by. As the patrol went by she slowly puffed on the cigarillo, letting the haze come over her.

Sonnia remembered the day when she was found. A young woman, not even sixteen years of age, Samael had found her, hiding cowering from the Night terrors. Samael had somehow knew exactly where she was, even though several days previous the night terrors had been hunting, and weren't able to find her. Yet this man, came directly at her never faltering, walked right up to where she was hiding, pulled on the board, and grabbed a hold of her.

"I'm not here to hurt you" he said. Of course she didn't believe him.

"Sonnia, she's coming!" screamed Wyrdbane.

Instantly she snapped back to the present and saw her prey. The air shimmered around her as she walked. Every footfall a small patch of ice formed, even though it was summer here in Moscow. In her arms, she held that little fur ball, not even sure exactly what it was. She was breathtaking to behold, her form, those legs, absolutely gorgeous. The very sight of her always left Sonnia breath taken at first glance. She snapped out of it quickly. She knew this was going to be her only chance. As Rasputina almost never came out of her palace. But today she had, because today was an important day for her. Today was the day she took over Moscow, and turned it into her own little fiefdom. She came out today to address her people and grace them with her presence, and to allow them to gaze upon her. After all, she was beautiful, and she knew it. She had enthralled all of the men, and half of the women, in her fiefdom within days of arriving to Moscow. This allowed her to easily take over as everyone who was enthralled with her simply put down their weapons. As for those who didn't, they were frozen in an instant. In fact many of those frozen statues still stand. Forever frozen in place by the Ice Witch, many years ago.

Sonnia leaped from her rooftop perch, landing without a sound on the ground behind the Ice Witch, Wyrdbane leaping to her hand.

"Hello Sonnia," said Rasputina frostily without even turning around. "I've been expecting you."

Hordes of Rasputina's zombie patrols leaped out of the surrounding buildings. Wyrdbane almost ripped itself from Sonnia's hand. "BRING IT ON!!!!!!" it screamed.

A cold green flame erupted over the blade as Sonnia fought to regain control. The sword swung wildly at the zombies as the approached, cleaving them easily in two. Many of the zombies as part of the were chopped off, reached out and picked up the nearest piece close to them resembling their current missing piece. Wyrdbane managed to land several critical blows on the zombies as the became engulfed in green flame. The zombies still came, one after another, bringing their blades to bear. They managed to drive Sonnia to the ground,pinning her. But Wyrdbane would have none of that. It flared out into an enormous green flame. Causing all of the zombies pinning Sonnia to turn to ash as the magic driving them was purged from their forms in a bath of green fire. Wyrdbane pulled Sonnia to her feet, as more of zombies came at her.

"WYRDBANE CONTROL YOURSELF!" Sonnia screamed as she struggled to rein in the overwhelming personality of the sword.

Rasputina watched as her hordes mercilessly attacked Sonnia. "It's alright Fluffy, mommy is going to take care of that nasty women once and for all" she said. Fluffy purred asRasputina put her down on the ground. Rasputina began to weave the energy around her, the shimmering in the air turned to snow, the snow turned to ice, the ice swirled around her as she drew in more and more of her power. As she further focused her power, she gathered the howling wind and ice into a funnel and directed it with all her might at Sonnia.

Wyrdbane yanked itself free of Sonnia's hand and leaped into the oncoming path of Rasputina's blizzard blast, causing the blast to bend around Sonnia and freeze all the zombies firmly in place. Sonnia turned, facing Rasputina, grasping hold of Wyrdbane, flames licking the blade like a hungry animal. Sonnia stood facing off against Rasputina, she let out a horrendous cry as she charged toward Rasputina, the green flames covering Wyrdbane began to cover her body as she ran.

The air around Rasputina began to turn into a solid sheet of ice, then another and another. Sonnia shattered through them and drove Wyrdbane home into Rasputina. Rasputina shattered with the force of the blow.

"ICE!" cried both Sonnia and Wyrdbane, realizing that Rasputina was gone. She was nowhere to be seen.

Around her, people started to gather. The townsfolk had seen what had happened, and they were not happy. They had started to mob, and were running toward Sonnia. The flames on Wyrdbane quenched themselves as it said, "Let's get out of here."

Sonnia looked at Wyrdbane, "What happened to your lets kill them all attitude?"

"Sonnia, Darling, I don't do people." It replied.

Sonnia put the blade back on her back, and began to run back into the shadows to try to get out of the city. She had failed again, she wasn't going to get another chance like that for a while. She would have to figure out, how Rasputina was able to detect her before she would be able to try to get at her again.

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Another fun one.

We've got a background which we'll be releasing to the public in the future which is different than what you've come up with but these are quite entertaining and of course with just a bit of tweaking they fit just fine with our own fluff.

Rather fun to 'watch' character events unfold in a bit of fluff like this. Keep them coming, and well done!

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I really like this story; it creates some great imagery.

Just a suggestion, but it could use some minor editing. A few typos (hey, it happens to all of us) and, just my opinion here, a couple places where the structure could be a bit better.

Really, though, it's a fantastic story. I have the Sonnia mini and it never occurred to me that the sword could be a living one. It makes me want to go back and do a bit of reworking on my mini. Look forward to seeing more of this story.

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