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Hello everypony,

I am a new player from Germany (Munich it is - need more games to avoid Oktoberfest). A while ago I made a very short escapade into M2 but sticked to Infinity as the I was totally overwhelmed. Now, with M3 finally here I am going crazy about Malifaux. The rules are really well written, all the confussing stuff with the trillions of special rules on those hundreds of cards got totally streamlined aaaaand everybody gets a reset (I found it really hard to get into an active community). 
So, here is the story in general: Played some GW stuff about 20 years ago, left for Warma - which then got too annoying (learning Magic-like combo stuff each and every other month - serioulsy?) for me - and I finally found my miniature game in the world of the Human Sphere (Infinity, that is - skirmish, very interactive, purely tactical with list building not being a huge factor). 
And now I moved and found my old Perdita Crew. That made me take a look at the M3 rules and suddenly all went BANGWAZZINGABOOM!
Thanks, Wyrd for creating an obviously great game!

Here I am, now. Already invested way too much money (already got 7 crews, some of the stuff 2nd hand) and busy with building models and starting to paint my Rezzers. Next will be Neverborn and who knows what will rise and shine (in colors, hopefully), soon(tm)

The next big thing for me will be the German Masters - 5 games in 2 days... how is that supposed to work? Up to now, each single game takes me about 3-4 hours to finish 😱

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