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Nathan Caroland

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Welcome to the fun!

I would love to check the Photobucket link but apparently there is none.

Sorry, I didn't explain that very well. Follow the link from the drop down menu attached to my name. Photobucket is set as my homepage.

Thanks for the warm welcome game. I'm loving what I'm seeing here. Can't wait to order up some Wyrd goodies and get painting on them!

pez out

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Hi all!

Just registered myself on this site,, because I want to start playing malifaux! =)

So,, I'm Nick, and I don't have any fancy username (because i couldn't come up with a descent one..),, 18 years old and I live in Holland.

So,, years ago I started with playing the Lord of the Rings tabletop game,, but the interest was gone for a year or two. Lately, when my girlfriend showed interest in the miniatures I'd painted, I thought it'd be fun to play such a game with her, and that's when I came to malifaux! =)

I've never played anything like Malifaux, but I'll be starting with gremlins! I just have to wait untill my paypal acount is activated so I can order all of the mini's I need!

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Hello Wyrdos, this is Talishko (or shortly Ish) from Budapest, Hungary.

Got into Warhammer a good 10 years ago when the one and only shop in the city (at the time) was still running and full of friendly folks. Since that time it closed down, others opened, clubs appeared and mini-lover generation evolved.

I moved to the UK a few years ago and I still play 40k, BB, Confrontation, Warmachine and now trying my wings in Malifaux.

Look forward to playing a lot and mastering this shiny-new diceless mayhem. :P:

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Hi all,

Sheldon here from Brisbane, Australia.

After loitering for a while and reading the book cover to cover I finally recieved my first two crews (Perdita and Justice). Have tried a few simple engagements to try out the mechanics using a few single death marshalls to beat up on each other as suggested by Russ in the D6G podcast and found this an easy way to get my head around the basics.

Have played numerous different mini games but spend most of my time currently pushing warhammer dwarves around the table, various races around a bloodbowl pitch, painting random stuff that catches my eye and numerous boardgames.

Really impressed with the first two boxes I got and in particular Santiago surprised me with how big he is compared to the rest of the family. Still mulling different ideas for how I want to base them but will be sure to put up a diary once I have something worth showing.

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Hi y'all,

Ken from Sydney, Australia.

Rec'd the Rulebook & a deck on Monday. I've been collecting the figures for a while and have been looking forward to seeing the rules even though I'm mainly a painter.

Have a bunch of figures but no crew yet although fair few Resurrectionists.

Dabbled with Confrontation3.5, Hybrid & AT-43 along with some Warmachine/Hordes, WH40K, HellDorado, Tanhausser, Wings of War, Anima Tactics, Warzone & Okko.

As you can see I'm easily distracted, especially by Fallout3 on PS3 or any new game.

Some favourite movies - Bladerunner, Alien, Aliens, Firefly, Serenity, Big Trouble in Little China, The Thing, Babylon5, Bubba-Ho-Tep, Appleseed, FF-Spirits Within, GITS, The Keep, Nomads, PotC ....

Books - JG Ballard, HP Lovecraft, Richard Morgan ....

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Hello everyone!

I’m Dragon from Chicago, Illinois. I’ve been interested in Malifaux since GenCon ’09. A week ago, I picked up the core book and couldn’t put it down after opening it. I’ll be picking up my first box set this weekend. So far, looks like I’m Arcanist to the core. :nod:

In the past, I’ve played WarHammer40k, Hordes, and AT-43. Currently, I’m a Pressganger for Privateer Press’ Monsterpocalypse and actively play the game. I really don’t play Hordes or AT-43 anymore and I’d sooner shoot myself in the face than play WH40k again, so I’m in need of a new minis game…particularly one that involves painting since I’ve been strictly involved with pre-painted mini games for the last several years and I miss the painting aspect of the hobby. I think the unique diceless quality of Malifaux along with its unusual and interesting rules makes it a prime choice compared to other boring skirmish games out there. Not to mention the jam-packed, multi-genre theme of the game is really fun.

I look forward to breaking the rust off my painting skills and getting back into the swing of things…and what a relief it is to not have to paint “troops” anymore! I like that I only need to paint 4-7 models that are each unique and useful…not required. Trying to justify painting scores of identical models while balancing time between my profession, girlfriend, role-playing, volunteering, and part time game design just isn’t worth the reward of playing some wargames. I think that Malifaux has already set it’s self apart from games like it and that’s what has captivated my interest thus far and brought me back to the table.

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Hi everyone,

I'm Andrew better known as Numbat, from Sydney, Australia. I look after the OzPainters forum and have most recently run a Wyrd painting comp at a local wargaming convention, and been helping our local distributor demonstrate Wyrd around the local gaming stores.

I'm currently painting up two factions - the Death Marshals and the Cult of December, and have been updating my blog with the process, but I thought I'd also come and share with you guys here.

Many thanks to Nathan and the Wyrd Crew for making it all happen!

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Hello everyone, My name is Wade origionally from Westport MA, U.S.A

Been an Avid fan of table top gaming and always looking for that other game that bring something different to the table.

I Started playing Warhammer Fantasy Battles back in 1995 and been playing since, moved onto Warhammer 40k but wasn't impressed to much with game mechanics and army balances.

Moved TO Salina KS, U.S.A. Just a little while ago and the warhammer scene is lacking around here, so i picked up Warmachine and Hordes. Having lots of fun playing that around here, and was on the Privateer forums when someone mentioned Malifaux I checked out the website and am quite impressed by the miniatures. Also the idea of no Dice is facinating and so i'm gonna purchase the rule book and a couple crews and try getting some people in the area into playing it.

I just want to ask if someone could kinda give me a summary of how the game mechanics work so i have an idea.


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