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Nathan Caroland

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  • 1 year later...

I want to inroduce myself.

I'm Nik. I'm 22 years old student.

I live in Ukraine, former USSR.

I play wargames for about a year, thus I own only Hordes and WM made by PrivateerPress. I have a number of boardgames, wich I play with friends not involved in our hobby.

I recently was introduced to Wyrd miniaturesby a friend of mine. He said only one word: "Wyrd"! So, here I am. I have only on miniature- Sibertooth cerberus, but I'm very interested ib world of Milifaux and I'm waiting for my monthly scholarship to buy some new.

I'm not experienced painter. But I'll seek and shift my skills.

And last thing to say: I've neve tried GW stuff :ciao:

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Been a member here since Feb but only just found this forum - must be senility.

Name's Ian and I'm 54, married for 25 years with 5 kids (not kids anymore 4 of them!). Been painting since age 7ish starting with the Airfix HO/OO figure sets. Moved on to metals, ACW and Napoleonics, then took a break for a few years while I was in the RAF. Discovered GW through my sons back in '97 and recently inherited all their stuff which they bought faster than I could paint. Don't get much opportunity for gaming though I do run a club for youngsters in my home town. I paint to relax and the sheer enjoyment and fun of it. Moved on from GW, still with a 5-6 hundred backlog, and look around for anything that takes my fancy. Wyrd, Warmachine, Fenryll, Darkage etc are now filling my workbench.

What do I do? Oh yes, work for a bank now but previously was in publicity design and production.

Painting standard - mediocre, though I did win a couple of competitions in the local GW store (doesn't say much for the standard). Entered FFIII and IP5 for fun and have put a range of minis in my gallery for criticism.

What else? Founder member of Northampton Science Fiction Writer's Group (chairman is internationally acclaimed author Ian Watson). Can I plug our convention Newcon4 here?


Hope y'all don't mind an old 'un joining the fun.

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*taps microphone* <squeel!> Ouch! Testing, testing, one, two, three.

Hello. I thought it was about time I joined up. My name's Roger (in case you couldn't guess). I'm a regular on cmon so a few of you will know me from there.

I started painting and gaming during the mid-eighties and continued with what I thought was good progress, until the early nineties, although the gaming had taken up more time than the painting by then.

Some 14 years passed and I evetually got back in to the hobby. It started with what I iknew (and what I could get locally) which was GW (there used to be an independant shop years ago but alas that is no more) but this time with the internet about I soon found lots more companies and communities.

And so, now I have hundreds more minis, mostly for armies, but now the stuff just to paint is growing rapidly. I'm a really, really slow painter but I enjoy it anyway.



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Ummm... hello? Is this thing on? It is? Oh, good....

Um, Cee, easier than typing "Charlie" all the time.

Geographically located in the eastern US of A.

41, no wife, no kids...

I used to play AD&D, but I haven't actually gamed since high school. Oddly, I've gotten more into miniatures since the last game got just too lame to bear. Now what to do with the darn things? Oh that's right: look at the old ones, decide they aren't good enough and either hide 'em or strip them to the bare metal/resin and start over. Basically, I'm here to see what everyone is doing and appropriate those tricks and techniques that impress me.

There's a lot here to steal, uh, learn...

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I'm Sias, 26 years old and from Southampton in the UK.

I was born in South Africa, but was moved to the UK when I was still very young. I've been around for a while on CMON, but registered on Wyrd to take part in TT, and I've got to say that I've enjoyed the site a lot ever since!

I don't paint very often unfortunately, but I'm trying to rectify that. I work as a sign maker atm, and will hopefully join the fire service in December.

Apart from that, I've got 2 Jack russel terriers, and I try not to get killed when I play rugby at the weekends.


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I'm really sick of the message telling me to make my first post so this is me making it go away!


About me:

I'm a theatrical construction rigger / estimator / master rigger mechanic / IT support.

What that all means is this:

I build playhouse theaters, theme park rides, estimate jobs and help keep my company’s computer system running.

I constantly feel like I have multiple personality syndrome with work as there are always several different departments clamoring for my time. It's nice to be wanted I guess.

I do concert rigging on the side when time presents itself. (Which is very uncommon as I am usually working 70+ hours a week and periodically work 100 to 110 hours in a week. Oh and I am a salaried employee. Yay slave labor!)

Last year I got to work the Superbowl. I have also worked for Shakira, Barbara Streisand, and frequently work the Latino Billboard Awards.

Hobby wise I am much more of a terrain builder. I actually like painting miniatures the least out of all the aspects of this hobby. Unfortunately I am half way decent at it. Nothing like the level of some of the folks here but above the 50% mark I would guess.

Yay! No more "Please please please post" message!

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