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Wyrd Miniatures is a growing community and for some time now folks have been after me to make an introductions section for the new folks coming in and joining our little community and to tell a bit about themselves and to break the ice so to speak.

Stop in, introduce yourself and let us know a little about yourself. You'll find that you probably know quite a few people from other forums, or meet some new folks that you've never really interacted with, but all the same, you are very welcome here at Wyrd. Let us know a bit about you, your hobbies and your likes.

Welcome to the Wyrd!


Nathan Caroland

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Hello my name is Brianna Aka KiskaShadowRawr 25 yrs of age. I am a NEW HENCHMAN for the Saint Cloud Minnesota area. I have loved this game since the day I picked up my first mini for it. If any one ha

Hi everyone,   I'm Laal and have got into Malifaux through my husband, Forgotmytea. I'm 28 and based in the North West of England. I've never been a minitures player, however my husband got into in,

Good Evening! I am a new player from Ireland, currently trying to find my out of the horrifying and blood covered wilderness that is the post-university hunt for employment.  I've technically be

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hello, my name is supervike, and I am a miniature-o-holic.

My real name is Jim, I've been married for 17 years, am 38 years old, and have two daughters.

I work in the 'telecommunications' industry, with the title of Central Office Technician, but I'm not sure what that even means. I take care of lots of computers, phone circuits, and general telephony issues.

Miniature speaking, I really have a broad taste. I prefer a bit more off the wall and character minis to super scuplted, yet somehow boring things. I like Sci Fi minis, Pulp, ALT WW2, just to name a few.

I'm the moderator here on Wyrd (although when they find out that I really don't do much, I'm sure they are going to take my washroom key back) and also a moderator on Cool Mini Or Not.

I feel I am an average painter with much better ideas that what I can execute.

Lastly, I would rather be remembered by the on line community as just a really nice guy over anything else...

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I am Malebolgia and I am 26 years old. My real name is Marijn. I live in the Netherlands and I (still) am a student. I am studying 'Science Communication' in the city of Groningen in the Netherlands and I hope to FINALLY receive my Master's degree this year. After this I may open a games store here in Groningen...I'm still looking into that; a store with space to actually play games...something we don't have here yet...and that in a city of 160.000 people of whom 40.000 are students!

Gaming-wise I am addicted to WARMACHINE. I started buying the stuff 2 years ago and I was hooked immediately. The game is very balanced and basically a blast. I liked it so much that I applied for Press Ganger a year ago. I have been doing demoes and tournaments all over the country since then (long live the students card with which you can travel for free with public transport in the weekends).

Other games I play are: Full Thrust, Legends of the Wild West, Warhammer, Warzone, Confrontation and Supersystem.

Other games I own: Warhammer, Warhammer 40.000, necromunda, Mordheim, Gorka Morka, Bommerz over da Sulfer River, Warzone, Chronopia, Void, Celtos, Fearless, Warlord, Mage Knight, Heroclix, Mechwarrior, Stargrunt 2, Dirtside 2, HORDES, Combat Zone, Shockforce, Lord of the Rings, Urban War, Chainmail...and some I am bound to forget.

I also enjoy painting a lot. I am not a very fast painter. Because I love and play so many games my painting tend to get diverted to all kinds of miniatures. This means that I only own one painted Full Thrust fleet. The rest of my armies aren't fully painted. Luckily my friends have the same problem and we are't anal about playing with unpainted lead. Recently I have become a Painter of Doom (painting miniatures for Heresy) and I am working on some miniatures for Andy now. I really like I can help Andy out as he is a great guy and makes some of the coolest miniatures around.

I have joined Wyrd Miniatures almost a year ago...I think. I believe I joined the forum when I ordered the first 4 releases....of which none are painted...:ahhhhh: . Hopefully the current contest will change this.



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@Marijn , I miss my OV kaart (free transport thing.), also for as far as I know the only playing space in rotterdam is GW owned... wich is a shame really.

well then let me properly introduce myself


Im Melvin, Illustrange is the name of my site. Im 25 years old and live since half a year in rotterdam, the netherlands. Ive been a proffesional pixel and concept artist for videogames since my 18th (doing artschool in between.), always intending it to be a "vessel"to become an illustrator, designer and eventually sculptor for miniature games, however I would never achieve my goals trough that industry, so I decided a few months back to spend time to brush up my illustration skills and slowly move towards making the dive into that world. I currently have done art for alphaforgegames Star mogul ruleset and will be working with them on further SM supplements & the new Dark tribes game.

miniatures and me :

the last time I played a miniature game was age 16, Ive played warhammer, heroquest, star quest, dark world (schwarsche augen boardgame.), legend of zagore (talking boardgame.), epic and a dozen of selfcreated games I played with my brothers.

of all "miniature" games I actually enjoy chess the most.. yep thats right, from what Ive played chess is far superior rulewise, but star quest is a good follow up to that followed by dark world in all its simplicity.

skirmish games fascinate me but I have yet to play one, from what Ive seen Confrontation (especially DoW.)and Hordes have the biggest attraction on me, recently joined by Hell Dorado, Infinity and Anima. hell dorado reminds me of a miniature game Ive seen when younger, it had a zombie wild west theme, dont know the name tough.

the attraction is even higher with miniature boardgames tough. Hybrid, Cadwallon and blood bowl... I wish there were more board based miniature games these days.

so were does wyrd miniatures come in, Ive had my eye on them for a while (tough in all honestly, Ive yet to buy a mini from them.) and liked there unique miniatures, especially the steampunk ones, if I had money Id contract them for one of my gamedesigns ;))

so thats it.. I think

a bit long, but thats me

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My name is Anders, I'm 31 and live in Stockholm, Sweden. I've been painting minis since I was 10 or so... with a few pauses. I've never got into gaming because I never manage to complete the minis needed even for smaller games. I guess the real reason is that I simply don't have enough interest in gaming and, thus, fail to keep up the discipline to paint the minis I need and not any other.

I work at a company producing electronic books for blind and visually impaired students. I'm sort of an production manager at the company. Painting is my biggest hobby and a way to relax and forget about real life, but I also do some professional work, from time to time, Wyrd being the biggest "customer"! :D

I got in touch with Wyrd through the competitions Nathan arrange and as I have had some success in them, Nathan contacted me to do some promoting for him when he was launching the miniature line. That ended up with me being one of the regular studio painters, for which I'm really happy. :)

Not much else to say about me! :)



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Hi folks!

I'm Kevin.

I work as a security architect at a financial services firm---my background is electrical engineering with an expertise in programmable logic controllers. I have some degree of expertise in all things IT---SME level at networking and tcp/ip, along with advanced oop coding and database expertise. I also own a small real estate investing company----and I go to school part time at night in an attempt to finish my undergrad/MBA

I'm 39, been married for 8 years to a very lovely (and very patient) woman and have one daughter.

I picked up my first paintbrush about 2 1/2 years ago, and haven't been able to put it down since. My main focus with my painting right now is to win at a Games Day-----we'll see how that goes.

As far as hobbies----if it can be done without getting arrested, I've probably tried it.



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Copied from my birthday thread a few weeks ago...

Let's see, my life story....It wasn't easy growing up a...no, wait, that's a movie. Long long ago in a galaxy far far away..., nope, another movie.

Umm let's see, well, as the birthday thingy at the bottom of the page says I'm 31. I really am a sergeant, been in the US Army 'bout 12.5 years. Originally from northwest Ohio, currently live in the middle of Texas. Married for 10 years to a woman who also enjoys gaming (though not obsessed as I am) and have 4 boys from 9 yrs old to 3 weeks.

Started out in my teenage years playing D&D and Battletech though I had no idea there were miniatures for either (I grew up in a small town). Joined the Army at 18 and kept playing and added Shadowrun to the gaming line up as well as a brief stint in CCGs. Stopped playing Battletech becuase I wanted to play big games, and they take to dang long in that game. Stopped playing RPGs because most of our sessions ended up turning into exercises in small unit tactics. So I decided about four or five years ago to start miniature wargaming. Starting with 40k like many people but have given up on that game. Too expensive and I hate having to buy so many revisions of the same books. Picked up CAV from Reaper and love that game. Just need to convince the folks around here to play it. Personal preference is sci-fi games and minis, but if theres a cool lookin' mini I'll pick it up and paint for joy of painting.

Went to my first convention this spring (ReaperCon, they're relatively close and I made friends on those boards), took a few classes and decided to try to improve my mini painting to beyond tabletop, so I entered my first contest (TTII, the pink gladiator). Now my poor wife can't have a conversation with me without it tying into miniatures or wargames in some way.

I'm planning on opening a game store (with online sales) when I retire from the Army or sometime thereafter.

That's pretty much me in a nutshell.

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My real name is Christopher Beattie. I am 45 years old which according to my theory of the association of vinyl record speeds and man is a very important year. (According to Tzor’s theory the ages of man can be divided based on the ancient vinyl record speeds. They are 17 ½ , 33 1/3, 45 and 78.)

I started playing AD&D in college in 1980 and as a result started to collect and paint minis. I didn’t photograph them at this stage, but I did have some fun with them in a holography lab. Actually they were called figures or figs back in 1980. Anyway all of this ended after college, even though I returned to role playing back in 1990.


So let’s fast forward to a few years ago when S.K. Reynolds had an angel mini painting contest online. “Why not,” I asked and so I did. With that mini, armed with a web camera I started the process to where I am today.



And where am I today? I live on Long Island, New York, United States, Earth, Sol, etc. I am a computer programmer by trade, a barbershop harmony singer by hobby, and a Knight of Columbus. I’ve recently been on a business trip to Bangalore India. I just came back from Gen Con in Indy.

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Greetings my fellow mini maniacs, I am the Wiccanpony.....

In the glaring light of reality (where are my sunglasses?) I’m Donna a 58 year old mild mannered witch who was heading out to my local Magic-R-Us shoppe to buy some voodoo dolls. Darn!! the store was closed do to a demon infestion.

But fortunate for me, a store selling miniatures and other geeky stuff was across the street and as they say, “the rest is history”. ;)

I’m very lucky to be of an age that I was in on the start of D & D, gaming, miniatures, computer and the internet. Whoo Hoo!! can’t wait to see what the next 20 years hold.

I also hang out at the “Freak Bar” on CMON and would call myself a middle of the road painter...not the best, not the worse.

I’m single and retired in Southern California with 3 sisters, 2 nieces, 1 dog, 1 cat and lots of lead people.

Oh! and as long as I buy the wonderful “Wyrd” goodies, Nathan allows me hang around here. ;)

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sooooooo, are we supposed to introduce ourselves here, or start new threads for ourselves? That seems more welcoming to new people to let them have their very own thread :)

I also want to start my own...it's an ego thing ;)

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I'm new to this site (well, I've browsed it a few times, but that doesn't count..).

My name is John Thompson and I've been off the alcohol for about 2 days... Oh wait, different forum.

I live in the Netherlands and was born on th 70's (1979). My sign is Pisces, for those who care.


Oh, been smearing paint on mini's for about 7-8 years now..

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Been here a while but here goes,

real name Matt, I'm 32 and live in Herts. Got into painting as a way to relax. I really enjoy the hobby but spend a LOT more time posting on the FOD, here etc than I ever do painting stuff.

I've got pretty broad tastes in minis and will paint anything that takes my fancy.

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@supervike - It was mostly gaming minis (gw, pp, co), but now I end up painting fun, non-gaming minis more and more. (Working on Halloween stuff at the moment.) And I'm starting to look at a few historicals in larger scale, too.

@EricJ - How was Las Vegas after GCI?

@Frustrated - See? I finally showed up. Told you I wouldn't forget completely. :)

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Hi there just wanted to introduce myself..

Just registered for this site .

I recognise a few names from CMON where I've been a member for about 8 months.

Learning a lot from the communities out there which is helping get my painting back to display standard.

Known in my area (Leeds UK) as a bit of a speed painter regularly painting units of 20+ to a good standard in an evening.

Slowing down a bit now (could be the age) and concentrating on refining my techniques.

getting back into the competitive painting to help push my skills. Biggest success was back in 2001 when I got A silver Demon. Worked forGW for 5 years then so couldn't enter but back with a passion now and ready to conquer all. Hee.hee...sory Mwahh ahhh aahh aah ahhh....

cheers and good luck....


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